. September 19, 2012.

Best Gluten- Free Dessert

Chocolate Decadence at Real Seafood Company

22 Main St., at The Docks downtown

How does a flourless chocolate cake with dark bittersweet chocolate, topped with blueberries and white chocolate shavings over a merlot berry sauce grab you? Oh, my.

Runner Up / Flourless Chocolate Cake at Petit Fours Cafe in the Oliver House

Tastiest Vegan Dish

Vegan Chili Mac at The Attic on Adams

1701 Adams St.

It might be the friendliest pub in town, but Amelia Jarrett serves up food that might just outshine her smile. If her mac n’ cheese isn't your dietary thing, this chili mac is sure to knock
your culinary socks off.

Runner Up / Vegan Wrap atThe Attic on Adams





Meagan Vogel of Star Bar & Grille

Best Salad

Garbage Salad at Grumpy’s

34 S. Huron St.

We’re not suggesting that you ever eat garbage, but anybody who’s a downtown junkie knows that Grumpy’s Garbage Salad will have you heaving piles of this signature dish into your mouth like a starving trash compactor. With hefty portions of mixed greens, grilled chicken, four cheeses, raisins, bacon bits and more, the Garbage Salad turns sandwiches into side orders. If you’re planning an office party Grumpy’s also offers larger catering orders, but beware — you may be tempted to overindulge all by yourself.

Runner Up / Caper’s Signature Salad at Caper’s Restaurant

Best Veggie Burger

Beans & Grains at Burger Bar 419

4400 Heatherdowns Blvd.

Burger Bar 419 is justly proud of their beef — but they haven’t forgotten the vegetarians. The beans & grains burger is lovingly crafted in-house, and is every bit as decadent and satisfying as the carnivorous options.

Runner Up / Tops’ Veggie Burger at The Blarney Irish Pub & Grill