Good Personalities Share Genes and Rocking Disposition

. February 10, 2016.

If only Cain and Abel had jammed they might not have come to such a sorry end, suggests Good Personalities, the throbbing, dreamy Toledo sibling two-piece.

“We needed music to bring us together,” explained singer/guitarist Emily Price, the older sister, by four years. “We were fighting all the time, then we became a band and now we don’t fight anymore.” (Note that results may vary: e.g., Oasis brothers and bandmates, Liam and Noel Gallagher.)

The pair began playing together during drummer Daniel’s teens, forming The Party Hats eight years ago before life intervened.

“Emily got married and didn’t want to do the music thing anymore. Then I started playing in other bands,” says Daniel. “After my other bands broke up we said f*** it, and tried doing this again and it’s going really well.”

Spreading the love

Emily began uploading their music to Soundcloud a little over two years ago. Rechristened as Good Personalities, they played their first gig at Frankie’s eighteen months ago. Last November they recorded their debut EP after 2015 Spring and Summer weekend tours.

In September and October, the pair embarked on a longer tour, covering near 4000 miles in a Geo Metro. “It’s a little like Tetris in there,” she says, referring to the tiny interior space of the car, “but we spent about $12/day on gas.” They got the full DIY experience and crashed at the pads of people they met at the shows.

“That’s the thing about touring, it’s all about meeting new people,” says the 21-year old Daniel. “We’ll tour again, though probably not for as long, in March.”

New EP on the way

Good Personalities recorded a follow-up 4-song EP to last year’s debut, highlighted by the track “Spider,” a knotty, claustrophobic rumble recalling Marcy Mays’ late 80s/mid-90s Columbus indie rockers Scrawl.

“‘Spider’ is the darkest song,” Emily admits, “The mood on the EP bounces around quite a bit.”

The duo has been pitching it to labels and their 2nd EP will be debuted a release show on Friday, February 12 at Culture Clash, right before their Spring tour.

"Spider” is available at