Good Personalities perform ‘Together’ at Culture Clash: New music from Toledo’s dream pop duo

. January 26, 2017.

Nothing really matters. Especially being in a band.

Paradoxically, that’s the mindset that seems to have kept siblings Emily and Daniel Price of Good Personalities jamming together. The two experienced a number of difficulties throughout 2016, but are emerging early this year with new music and a new perspective.

Personal Setbacks

Last spring the two embarked on a weeks-long tour, but the death of their grandmother left them canceling half of the shows. On top of that, at the end of summer, indie label Mayfly Records bailed on doing a vinyl release of their last record.

“They asked us to record a thing for them, so we did. They were going to press it to vinyl, but months and months went by and they kept leading us on,” says Daniel.

And on top of that, back home they lost their apartment.

“We took some blows,” says Emily. “But we’re trying to come back now.”

Stop Planning

With the prospect of being on a label, “our hopes got really high,” the two explain. But then again, “every plan we’ve ever made has never come to fruition.”

At this point, being included on a label is an odd honor.

“It feels kind of like getting a boy scout badge,” says Emily. “There’s a major rat race element that I’m not interested in at all anymore.”

On the other hand, “I want to be on the same label as Kesha,” says Daniel. “Or at least the one that will give us the most money.”

Keeping It Real

Good Personalities thrive off of changing their sound, so don’t expect their new music to sound like their last release.

“I’m not interested in doing the same kind of sound every time. It’s boring to me,” says Emily.

But then again:

“We’re a boring band,” says Daniel, “so you never know what’s going to happen. I feel like our new direction is just to make stuff and immediately put it out.”

While some bands get a swollen ego over attracting a small fanbase and gaining the attention of indie labels, this is not the case with Good Personalities.

“It’s hard to have an ego when you’ve got $8 in your bank account,” says Daniel.

Still, the two seem to be grounded in their ambition: “We’re just doing what everyone else is doing, except we’re honest about it— we want anime to be real.”

Ten Tips for Success

With everything Good Personalities went through last year, they have a lot of ideas for success to share. Here’s a list of the top ten:

  1. Walk outside every so often
  2. Dip your fries in mayonnaise. Especially crinkly fries.
  3. Get a real job
  4. Try having a tea tasting with your friends
  5. Don’t listen to anything we say
  6. Open yourself up to true love
  7. And also open yourself up to fake love
  8. Only the pure of heart will see the golden key of the ultimate enlightenment
  9. If you want to be in a successful band, say some esoteric stuff in the local papers
  10. Please buy our records, cdrs, and mp3s : )

On Saturday, January 28, visit
Culture Clash at 6:30 to hear them live.