Brews & Bach

. September 12, 2018.
Stewart Pincombe brings music to familiar spaces. Photo Credit: Ryan West.
Stewart Pincombe brings music to familiar spaces. Photo Credit: Ryan West.

The international collective, Music in Familiar Spaces (MFS) will host “Beer & Bach” at the Black Cloister on September 24. With the aim of “reaching out to new audiences through innovative and accessible concerts,” MFS brings classical performances to the local scene with travelling musicians in local venues from city to city. The series’ uniqueness comes from the choice of venues — bookstores, coffee shops and breweries.

Founder Steuart Pincombe and partner, Michelle Pincombe, work with internationally based musicians through the MFS Artist Collective, together building up non-traditional concerts that connect directly to an audience in their ‘local habitat’. The name-your-own-price ticketing formula works well to attract curious audience members while not leaving anyone out.

Tour Stop in Toledo

Toledo will host its first Music in Familiar Spaces concert, “Bach & Beer”, featuring Steuart Pincombe on cello, performing three Bach suites in a 90 minute program. Throughout the evening, concert goers are invited to tune into the connection between the art of brewing and the art of classical compositions. Pincombe will guide the audience through the works with insight and background, linking sights and sounds with the tastes and smells of Black Cloister craft beers.

Out of the orchestra pit

The progressive idea to bring classical music out of the orchestra pit and onto main street takes traditionally classical works like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, often considered high art, to familiar and comfortable venues. MFS’s principle that music belongs to the people and engaging them in their venue of choice not only influences the audience about the artform, but connects the musicians to their audience on a very real and personal level. Using grass roots promotions for the concert series, through word of mouth and community networking, each performance is an entirely new experience for everyone involved.

Keeping it classy

Though the audience is asked to be respectful during the performance, the interactive element of the intimate space allows for a storyteller-like atmosphere amongst friends and brews.

Pincombe explains, “As many brewers follow a recipe that was used hundreds of years ago, so also our approach to playing Bach looks back on old “recipes” and methods of playing. These short comments will give the audience a guided listening experience that will give them a fresh ear for the Bach suites and a fresh taste for different brews.”

Pay as you wish. $15-$30 suggested donation,
plus the cost of beer.
7-9pm. Monday, September 24.
Black Cloister Brewing, 619 Monroe St.