Best of Toledo

. July 10, 2012.

Maybe, we can be accused of being perfectionists. Maybe, we can be accused of being hedonists. Maybe, we can be accused of having impossibly high standards. But, maybe, millennials can just be accused of having too many options. Are high standards so bad?

The best thing in the world is doing what you want… so, why wouldn’t we?

In a city with one of the most restaurants per capita in the country, Toledo is a sprawling, diverse city filled with options. We don’t exactly have hearts of glass, but to the bad, we break. But, to the best? We celebrate. We honor. We tell our friends. We check in on FourSquare, we Instagram, we tweet…. “You’ve gotta check this out.”

Call it prissiness. Call it elitism. Call it whatever you want, but we assure you, you’ll also call your friends, echoing the same thing, over and over again: “THIS, right here, is the place to go.” Since 2003, the Toledo City Paper has called upon our readers to tell us where to be seen, where to eat, where to shop, where to drink, lean, read, gather, explore, and who to applaud in the Best of Toledo.

Want to know where to get a facelift? Where to wash your car? Where to buy a last minute present? Who has the best sushi? Best paintings? Best music? Best hot dog?

We’ve got you. While Yelp can help, we’ll save you time. And when you always want the best of the best, who has the time to wade in the waters?

The tide is coming. Let’s get indulgent.