About Us

. July 30, 2012.
The Paper

The Toledo City Paper burst onto the Glass City scene in 1997, bringing a bold new voice to a region that was ready for an alternative. Published weekly through 2008 and biweekly to the present day, the City Paper offers an ever-changing array of timely coverage, from under-the-radar local news stories to insightful arts reporting. Looking to check out a new restaurant that your friends haven't heard of? Want to be clued in to what's happening in local music and theater, or hear the stories of local artists, movers and shakers? The City Paper has kept a finger on the pulse of the community for 15 years now, and our talented writers and designers can show and tell you the best that Toledo has to offer.

The Publisher

Mark Jacobs is a respected attorney in Toledo who manages in his spare time to run an alt-news business of wanna-be Hunter S. Thompsons, anxiety-ridden graphic designers and sales divas. He may pay the bills as CFO but he makes it clear that CJ is the boss!

Collette is a confident mother of three who started Adams Street Publishing Co. to better serve the wonderful people of Northwest Ohio. She has an uncanny ability to balance style, motherhood and professionalism and still keep the Toledo City Paper hip and fun!


The Production Team



Leah brings a passion for graphics from her home town of Bedford and her parents' printing company. She is a Michigan football fan, a Libra, and hopes to one day live in New York with with her now, two year old son. Hopefully, he'll love golfing as much as she does so she can actually play again.  Leah hates cats too – but loves chocolate, organizing other peoples crap and shopping, for anything!



The Editoral Staff

Marisa can't wearing stop hats. She drives a spider-infested Prius, she calls the "Spaceship," to the casino on a bi-weekly basis to play black jack with the local wildlife. When she's not blasting e-mails at TCP, she's busy slingin' weenies at Tony Packos.


Saul is a recent graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle. He returned to Toledo to work at TCP. 

The Sales Team

Sharon lives to serve her clients with a steel reserve left over from the Cold War. She enjoys smooth bourbon and reelin' in the big "shark" clients.


Homeschooled in the distant land of Delta, Ohio, Sam is the newest account exec at Adams Street Publishing. He is armed with a business education, two years of professional B2B sales experience, and black belt in karaoke.




Robin hails from Sylvania, where she likes to walk the streets twice a day (no, not for extra money, you could get arrested for that!).  She loves music of all kinds, so you may find her at local bars listening to friends or run into her at Mayer Hawthorne, Phish or Santana concerts.


Saul is a recent graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle. He returned to Toledo to work at TCP.