Toledo According To: Veralucia Mendoza-Reno

. January 11, 2017.

Age: 23
Occupation: Bilingual Financial Coach/Housing Specialist at a local non-profit.
Toledoan since: 2001

I go to International Park for the best view in Toledo.

If money wasn’t an object, I would buy the Collingwood Arts Center and turn it into the absolute hot spot for art.


The local artists and musicians I love are: Hector Mendoza (guitarist), Peter Kharchenko (guitarist), Chris Rodriguez (visual arts).

The hardest thing about living in Toledo is not enough businesses in walkable distance, but the best thing is it’s growing and it’s beautiful to watch.

I always brag about Toledo’s sense of community.

Local organizations I support are: Equality Toledo, Welcome Toledo Lucas County, WAKT 106.1.

When I want to unwind, I go to The Attic.

To find inspiration, I go to The Toledo Main Library.

ToledoAccordingTo Vera - SeanNestoratArtomatic-

Sean Nestor is the Toledoan I most admire.

The first three words that come to mind about Toledo are I am Home.

When I am feeling a bit too much of Saturday night on a Sunday morning, I can always rely on Black Kite Coffee to make my day better.

If I need to buy a present for a special occasion, I’ll ride my bike downtown. Between The Farmer’s Market, the pretty plants at Floral Pursuit, Handmade Toledo and the House of Dow, I know someone can hook me up with a great, local gift.

The street I drive/walk on most often is Collingwood.


When out-of-towners visit me, I always take them to The Art Museum and Bleak House Coffee.

I know La Auntentica Michoacana will satisfy my munchies.

Going to The Art Museum Cafe makes me feel like I am out of town.

Artomatic is my favorite bi-annual event.