. September 13, 2017.

Toledo Museum of Art is the place in Toledo I’m most proud of.

The best meal I had in Toledo was breakfast at Pam’s Corner

Old West End Fest is my favorite annual event.

A business Toledo needs (but doesn’t have) is bike sharing.

My favorite piece of local art/architecture is the aquarium at the Toledo Zoo.

I’m at my most calm in Toledo when I’m near the Maumee River.

The street I drive on/walk on most often is Robinwood.

The best time I ever had in Toledo was at Ottawa Park because I am in a natural setting within the urban core of Toledo.

One thing I’ve always meant to do in Toledo but haven’t is walk over the high-level bridge.

If I could change one thing about Toledo I would change the negative attitudes about the city.

If I knew I could get away with it I would read mystery novels all day.

The best view in Toledo is Middle Grounds Metropark.


When I’m away from Toledo, I can’t wait to have an OWE latte from Black Kite Coffee when I get back.

The Toledo business you’ll most likely find me in is Michael’s Café.

The best ice cream in Toledo can be found at I can’t decide! So many
great ones.

If Toledo had a new motto, it would be we’re all moving forward together.

The most underrated thing in Toledo is the airport.