Toledo According to… Domonique Glover

. July 12, 2017.

Occupation: Math Teacher/Dancer
Years lived in Toledo: 26

The Old West End Festival is my favorite annual event.

A business Toledo needs (but doesn’t have) is Zara (clothiers).

My favorite piece of local art/architecture is Paul Geiger’s mural inside of the Valentine Theatre.


The street I drive on/walk on most often is Islington, off of Collingwood.

The best meal I had in Toledo was the Mediterranean Wrap at Georgiz419 Pub.


One thing I’ve always meant to do in Toledo, but haven’t, is glassblowing.

If I could change one thing about Toledo, I would bring back lots of activities for our youth: arcades, pic jobs, more public parks and pools, etcetera.

If I knew I could get away with it, I would start a game of tag in the downtown library.

The best view in Toledo is at the docks, specifically sitting on the patio at El Vaquero or The Real Seafood Company.

When I’m away from Toledo, I can’t wait to have breakfast at White Tower on Sylvania when I get back.


The Toledo business you’ll most likely find me at is The Toledo Ballet.

The best ice cream in Toledo can be found at any Netty’s you go to!

The Toledo Zoo is the place in Toledo I’m most proud of… I always mention that it’s nationally recognized.


The best time I ever had in Toledo was at the Valentine Theatre because I was performing as the Cowardly Lion in the Toledo Ballet’s Wizard of Oz on my 30th birthday.


The most underrated thing in Toledo is the arts community.