Storytime for literati at the Toledo Museum of Art

. June 14, 2017.

If you’re more of a listener than a reader, The Toledo Museum of Art is offering the ultimate storytelling experience. Over three consecutive Fridays in June, the Museum will be doing a live reading of the entirety of James Joyce’s masterwork, Ulysses. Covering 32 hours in a Marathon Reading initiative, Ulysses tells the story of Leopold Bloom’s interactions over the course of a day in Dublin, drawing parallels between Bloom’s life and that of the titular Greek hero. It’s heady stuff, but a major classic of contemporary literature. If you’ve got the endurance, this should be a thrilling event. If you want to participate in the reading or have questions, call the Museum at 419-255-8000 ext. 7453. The first reading runs 11am-9pm on Friday, June 16.

Toledo Museum of Art
2445 Monroe St. |