. May 2, 2017.

TCP’s Poetry and Fiction Contest 2017

Are you the next Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, W.B. Yeats or E.E. Cummings? Are you a shut in like Emily Dickinson? A wandering free spirit like Walt Whitman? Or perhaps even that elusive rose that grew from concrete (R.I.P. Tupac)? Don’t hoard your works like J.D. Salinger, share them with the world. Or at least, your fellow Toledoans.

This year, we’re bridging the camps of short fiction and poetry. Poetry? Fiction? Who cares.

Just follow our rules: 

  1. Your submission must be original. Duh.
  2. You must follow our prompt: “One year.” Whatever that means to you. 
  3. You can only submit two pieces.
  4. You must limit your work to 365 words or under. 

Entries are due by July 21, 2017.  

Winners will be announced in the Aug. 30 issue of The Toledo City Paper.

Any questions? No? Cool. Get to work.    

Creativity counts. One winner will be chosen from each category. The winners will each receive a gift certificate for dinner for two. We decide the winners.

Usual contest rules apply— e.g. no, Adams St Publishing Co staff can’t enter, nor can our family members. No stealing your poems from someone else, living or dead. (Don’t test us on this: We know some mediums.) No murderous rants or manifestos (within reason); we reserve the right to not publish any crazy ramblings.             

Submit entries in the form below,
or to editor@toledocitypaper.com.