Shake your BUTI

. September 23, 2014.

People search for fulfillment in many ways—retail therapy, crash diets, juice fasts, you name it. And for many women, long-lasting confidence can be hard to find despite those things.  BUTI Yoga offers a more permanent solution, says Kate Seymour, Ohio’s first certified BUTI instructor. 

Real definitions

BUTI Yoga is a high-intensity workout for women that incorporates cardio, dance, strength training and yoga movements, eliminating the need for separate workouts. “It doesn’t erase your curves; it gives you functional muscle and stability,” Seymour explained.  She first read about the empowering program two years ago. “Instantly, I was drawn to the fact that it wasn’t a masculine-based workout,” she said. “It’s geared solely toward women, and works perfectly with womens’ physiques.” 

A former hairdresser, Seymour decided to get involved, and was officially certified in January. A few weeks ago, she became a master trainer and can now conduct teacher training, giving other women in the area an opportunity to get involved. 

An open door 

Seymour teaches BUTI Yoga on Wednesdays at 8:30pm and Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm at Extreme Results, 5201 Monroe St. You can also join her at 10am on Saturdays at Nick Beakas Personal Training Studio, 25561 Fort Meigs Rd., Perrysburg. All skill levels are welcome—whether you’re already in great shape or would like to be. 

“It’s more than just a workout [ . . . ] it’s movement that gives women self-acceptance,” said Seymour. “A lot of women find healing in these movements, and it literally changes their lives.” 

To learn more, email Kate Seymour at,
contact Extreme Results at 419-309-9777,
or Nick Beakas Personal Training at 419-205-6609.