Your Valentine’s Day guide for celebrating love #Inthe419

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (in less than seven days to be exact)— don’t worry Toledo City Paper has your back! We’ve come up with a list of local ways to celebrate the holiday. So whether you’re someone who’s into the Hallmark holiday (and you want to feel the love), you’re flying solo,

Holiday Wish list

You made your list, you checked it twice— and you still forgot to grab a few last minute presents. It’s OK! You aren’t alone. Not even Santa hits 100%. Fortunately, you still have time. Pick the perfect present by browsing these local offerings to find something unique that supports your community. So, sit back, relax,

Holiday Wish List 2016: Part 2

Get into the holiday spirit and start shopping early while supporting your community by buying from local businesses. Whether you need the perfect present for a party host or a unique gift for the person who has everything and says they want nothing, we’ve solved your holiday shopping dilemmas by doing the hard work for

2016 Wine Guide

Since the dawn of time, or at least since we discovered what fermented grapes can do, wine has been celebrated both for the taste it provides and the feeling it offers. We anticipate the bold reds, the cheery bubbles and bright nights spent with friends— when we fill glasses and spill secrets. Want to sip

Toledo GQ: Men’s Style Guide

From looking like a Made Man to having a killer fade, man, personal grooming is a fine art. You’ve got to blaze your own trail without looking too outré, line your wardrobe without looking too intro and flash the finest accoutrements to dazzle all comers. Our Men’s Style issue features the finest lotions, leathers, metals

2016 City Politics Guide

Seasonal Election Disorder, or SED, is a type of distress that’s related to election season. SED begins and ends when the political circus starts. If you’re like most people with SED, you might feel anxiety, a sense of ennui, depression, confusion, existential dread, or worse— fever dreams about moving to Canada. But SED is related to

“What Comes First: Looking Good or Feeling Good?”

When we asked local professionals, we learned this question is harder to ask than answer. Sure, the conundrum doesn’t rival the chicken and egg mystery, but the inquiry hatched a truth: sometimes, the origins of personal development are unknown. We call it self-growth for a reason— some things are best nurtured in pairs. So, whether