Curing the World with Superfoods

. August 23, 2016.

While many Toledoans live a life of comfort, far too many lack access to basic needs such as food, shelter and clean water. To help make a difference, Zobaida Falah offers a simple gesture: Cure Bars.

Falah’s wholesome snack bars are more than just healthy alternatives to suspiciously sweet snacks— they also help combat hunger locally. For every Cure Bar that Falah sells, she donates another to Toledoans in need.

Since she started selling the Cure Bars in May, Falah’s mission has been to help the hungry. “I’ve always felt unsatisfied with leading a privileged life, where my efforts were only benefiting myself. I want to encourage and empower people to cure their world,” she explains.

Going Viral

While the Cure Bars were launched a mere three months ago, they’ve been a fast-growing hit, with thanks to a viral feature on AJ+, Al Jazeera Media Network’s online news and current events channel. Because of that success, thousands of bars have been given to Toledoans in need.

Falah also had to move production of the bars to a distribution center. She explains, “[The AJ+] interview went viral, getting over a million views. Then my orders doubled. We upscaled our manufacturing, so I no longer make the bars. At this point, it would be impossible to fill 10,000 orders.”

The dramatic spike in sales hasn’t swayed Falah’s mission: she’s still passionate about matching her sales to the bars she gives to the needy. “I go downtown Toledo and pass them out to people sitting on the side of the street or in the park,” she says. “I want to know their stories. I just love that one-on-one connection. It keeps me grounded and focuses my intention.” 

Made with superfoods including black (nigella) seeds, chia seeds and oats, the Cure Bars are a healthier alternative to preservative-laden snack bars. 

Continuing the Black Seed’s Legacy

Like many great recipes, the Cure Bar got its start from within the family. Falah’s grandmother fed her and her siblings a mixture of honey and black nigella seeds every day. Dating back to ancient Egypt, the seeds have a rich Middle Eastern history as a remedy for multiple health issues.

After eating this mixture for years, Falah grew inspired to create a healthy snack bar, using her grandmother’s concoction as a base. After experimenting, her winning recipe also includes superfoods such as oats, chia seeds and coconut oil.

Currently, the Cure Bars are only available to purchase online at However, Falah is working at expanding sales to the wholesale market. While she hopes to sell the bars globally, the give-a-bar mission will remain in the U.S. saying, “I feel really strongly about saving yourself before you try to save the world. We really need to focus on poverty and hunger in our country.”

Fortunately for Toledoans, Falah has chosen to start in our backyard.

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