A Great Meal Is No Gamble at Hollywood Casino’s Final Cut

. May 22, 2018.
Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com.
Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com.

A visit to Final Cut Steak and Seafood will prompt a return, and after adopting Hollywood Casino’s proclivity for movie related naming, we must say, “Thank goodness for sequels!”

Strolling through the casino to the restaurant, we couldn’t resist a few pulls (or these days it would be pushes) on a dollar slot machine. The $5 bill we fed the machine disgorged $65 with a winning spin. Happy with the hot streak and mindful of our time, we took the voucher and left the gaming area, regarding the win as a promise of the evening ahead.

Stairway to heaven

The top flight steakhouse, one of five restaurants within Toledo’s casino, is elegant and inviting. Finished with beautiful woods and staffed with practiced servers, Final Cut is comfortable and genuine.

We began our meal with chilled shellfish selections, plump oysters and succulent shrimp, accompanied by both traditional and inventive sauces. The Popcorn Lobster, generous bits of lobster knuckle meat (knuckle meat? who knew?) lightly breaded and fried, served with caper berries, a taste of fennel and a tarragon aioli, was sweet and delicious.

The appetizers were followed by the chef’s muse, a cheery sample often provided in high end dining establishments, which this night was a whitefish nugget atop a dollop of curried hummus served on a crisped potato slice; a refined and graceful touch which was a fitting introduction for our coming meal.

The friendly staff tended to our table attentively and with precision, but not too much. The sommelier assisted us with a wine selection, a nice bottle of Malbec which, because it was Wine Wednesday, was marked at 50% off the regular list price. The assistance of the wine professional was welcoming and enthusiastic, mindful of our stated price range and never condescending.

Main course

An array of breads brought to our table included an asiago cheese and black pepper lavash, actually more of a crispy cracker than a bread, which is light and addictive.

We shared the Deconstructed Chopped Salad, small mounds of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, gathered on the plate around baby greens with crumbled bleu, perched on a spicy vinaigrette, all of which was refreshing and not overwhelming.

Several of our tablemates opted for the steak, choosing from purveyor options including Wagyu, Creekstone Farms Black Angus from Kansas, and Chicago’s Allen Brothers, made available with a variety of expected accompaniments like sauteed onions or au poivre finish, and some, like the foie and herb butter I requested, rather unique. A member of our party ordered the scallops, encrusted in corn meal and served with an artichoke heart risotto garnished with watercress microgreens, and was pleased with the pairing of sweet seafood and savory starch.

We selected several sides, always too many, but it is more fun that way, we enjoyed the creamed spinach, the mac and cheese, interlaced with thick bits of bacon and blended with creamy cheese then crusted with breadcrumbs, and, what is a steak meal without a fully dressed baked potato.

Alas, when the house made desserts, were offered, per convention, at the end of the meal, which proved to be a trip too far. The check was delivered with a right-sized chocolate fudge truffle, providing a sweet taste for the end of our meal.

Walking through the gaming areas after leaving the restaurant, we stopped only at the cashier’s window to redeem our pre-dinner, winning voucher, adding another bonus to our visit.

Final Cut Steak & Seafood at Hollywood Casino Toledo
1968 Miami St | 419-661-5200

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