University of Toledo Welcomes Filmmaker Mike Goodier

. September 12, 2018.

The people who are behind the camera and editing a film are unseen by the audience, yet the story cannot be told without them. From September 17-21, the University of Toledo Department of Theatre and Film will host one of these critical players, motion picture editor and filmmaker Mike Goodier, as a Guest Artist-in-Residence. The public is invited to two special events on Friday, September 21.

First, Goodier will speak on his experience editing the Teeth, a documentary following the life of a sex trafficking survivor. A screening of the film and lecture by the editor will be held at 2:45pm, during the 2018 International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference, in UT’s Student Union. For pricing and full event information, visit

Later that evening, Goodier will host a free screening of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, the follow up to Al Gore’s 2006 climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Goodier, the film’s post-production supervisor, will be joined by UT environmental scientists, professors, and lecturers for a panel discussion following the film. 7:30pm in the UT Center for Performing Arts Centre Theatre.

  • Not Again

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      • Not Again

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      • Not Again

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