Heeding the “Call”: A Nature Documentary at the Maumee Theatre

. May 22, 2018.

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Ohio Scenic Rivers Program, a pioneering organization aimed at cleaning and maintaining waterways around the state. To commemorate the anniversary, the program is screening the 2012 documentary, Call of the Scenic River: An Ohio Journey. A free public viewing of the film is being offered at the Maumee Indoor Theatre, Wednesday, May 30, at 7 pm.

“It’s a documentary that shows the work of multiple organizations, especially the Ohio Scenic Rivers Program, partnering with communities to preserve Ohio’s rivers and streams,” said Christina Kuchle, the program’s Northwest Scenic Region Manager.

Preserving waterways

“What’s really important about the documentary is that it has gorgeous footage of these very special river systems that we are working to conserve across the State of Ohio,” Kuchle said. “We have 14 rivers designated in our program. The documentary presents these beautiful Ohio waterways and also discusses what government and non-profit institutions are doing to preserve these waterways. It’s an excellent way for people to become informed about this work and how they can become involved regarding local waterways.”

An infectious message

The film encourages and inspires its audiences to experience these beautiful natural resources first-hand, to (almost literally) dip their toes in, working toward conservation. “We’re excited to make sure that the message gets out about how special the Maumee River is, and how we function with all of these partners. If anyone is interested in conservation, this provides an opportunity to get involved with the Scenic Rivers Program or our partner organizations.”

Kuchle has seen the impact that Call of the Scenic River has on audiences, and she is looking forward to seeing how the audience at the Maumee Indoor Theatre responds. “A lot of folks want to get involved, to help with environmental work, but they just don’t know how to begin. After the screening, they leave feeling very inspired and with an understanding of some specific ways to get involved. “The film and the message it conveys are infectious, in a positive way with a call to action.”

6-9pm | Wednesday, May 30 | Free

Maumee Indoor Theatre | 601 Conant St
419-897-8902 | blackswamp.org