Dirty Dancing Celebrates 30 Year Milestone

. January 25, 2017.

Few things make girls swoon like Patrick Swayze’s dance-
instructor-with-an-attitude in Dirty Dancing. It’s been 30
years since Swayze’s Johnny Castle and Jennifer Grey’s
Frances “Baby Houseman fell in love to, what was arguably,
the soundtrack of the ‘80s. Fathom Events has brought
the beloved film back out to celebrate its milestone in pop
culture. You can fall in love all over again as “nobody puts
Baby in a corner.” Included with the film will be a celebrity-
laden tribute video that will reassure you that you weren’t the only one to geek out over this camp flick.

2pm, 7pm. Sunday, January 29 and Wednesday, February 1.
$10.25/general $8.25/student
Franklin Park Cinema 16, 5001 Monroe St
419-472-2324 | fathomevents.com