‘Big’ Turns 30, Celebrates With Local Showings

. July 5, 2018.

Most adults would trade in their responsibilities for the opportunity to be a kid again. Children, on the other hand, don’t seem to get it, typically just wanting to grow up fast. Maybe we should warn them to be careful what they wish for when Big celebrates its 30th anniversary with a return to theaters. While Tom Hank’s 1988 comedy about a twelve-year-old who wishes to become “big” and transforms into a 30-year-old successful toy company executive overnight might not encourage youth to embrace their childhood, it will at least remind us adults that being a child once is enough.

2pm & 7pm. Sunday and Wednesday, July 15 & 18.
$8 for 2pm showings. $10.25/adults for 7pm showings.

Franklin Park 16 | 5001 Monroe St | 419-472-2324
Fallen Timbers 14 + Xtreme | 2300 Village Dr W, Maumee | 419-878-3898