Look Good, Feel Good

. November 4, 2015.
The holiday season is on its way, but don’t fret— local health and wellness professionals are here to keep you looking and feeling good. New Year’s resolutions are far away, and after the “holiday season” fraught with potential pitfalls, we asked the professionals:

“what are two steps readers can take to live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle?”

Joani Donovan, LMT CKTP, owner

Ultimate Body Mind & Spirit Inc

3450 W. Central Ave. Suite 310
419-367-1417 | www.ubmsmassage.com

Stressed out? It’s hard to hide it when you feel anxious— friends and family can tell, you know, and your body can feel the pressure. Try these simple tricks to keep your pot from boiling over.

1. Stay calm with monthly maintenance massage
Instead of waiting until there is an issue, keep your body performing top notch by enjoying monthly massage treatments. Live life fully by enjoying monthly personal time, and occasionally adding a corrective exercise specialist to take it to the next level

2. Stay full with nutritious, wholesome foods
“Garbage in garbage out” isn’t just a phrase— it’s true. Get rid of processed food and add more produce. Proper fuel is necessary to perform at your best

Dr. Christy Lorton & Dr. Sarah Stierman

Dermatology Associates/Ada Aesthetics

12780 Roachton Rd., Perrysburg
419-872-0777 | www.daohio.com

1. Loving the skin you’re in
is crucial to being the happy, fulfilled person you deserve to be. Don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on the basics— a healthy and stable skincare routine.

2. Amp up your skincare routine with SPF
Sun protection can keep your skin healthy for years to come. Complete sun protection is achieved by the use of sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, wearing a hat and seeking the shade. For advice on a proper skin care routine see a licensed aesthetician or a dermatologist.

Sean Fitzgerald / general manager

Phoenix Earth Food Co-op

1447 W. Sylvania Ave.
419-476-3211 | www.phoenixearthfoodco-op.com

Food matters— and Phoenix Earth Food Co-op wants to make sure the food you eat makes your body happy. This co-op is here to fill your plate with local, organic produce and grains. With this volunteer-run, local group, eating clean is easier than you think.

1. Eat well, with local and organic
Studies are showing more and more that our general health, everything from mood to weight to energy levels, is affected by our gut microbiome, meaning that we really are what we eat! So eat well.

2. Start with small changes
Why? Change is hard and when the effects aren’t immediate, it can be disappointing. So start small and simple. Try a free weekly tasting, take a class, or ask our friendly staff about options, substitutions, and the store has an abundance of resources on everything from recipes to articles to informational sheets about topics

Esthetician Dalene Porter (top left), esthetician/stylist Chelsea Sparks (top right), and licensed massage therapists, Karen Guyer (seated, left), and Amy Kahl.

The Beehive Salon and Spa

7510 New West – 419-517-4447
4024 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd. – 419-517-0006

A salon can make you look amazing while your stylist/part-time therapist gets you feeling great. Along with the confidence boost of a great, new look, The Beehive Salon and Spa also offers other services to get you going.

1. Get routine massages and skincare services
Healthy lifestyles are achieved when a person listens to what their body needs or wants. It is truly an individual process. Facial treatments are stress relieving. Massage therapy helps by detoxing and relaxing the body.

2. Benefit from reflexology
This ancient healing art can help improve blood supply and promote the unblocking of nerve impulses as nature achieve homeostasis; a balancing of the entire body. Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers on specific reflex areas of the hands and feet.

Jon Frankel, DDS

Frankel Dentistry

5012 Talmadge Rd., Toledo
4359 Keystone Dr., Maumee
419-474-9611 | www.jonfrankeldentistry.com

Looking to boost your confidence so you can show off that beautiful smile? Frankel Dentistry believes in the powerful connection between looking good and feeling great. Get your mind, body and smile in synch with easy solutions.

1. Don’t stress
Frankel Dentistry offers complimentary consultations. Dental anxiety is very common. A tour of the office is the beginning of a long term relationship. Patients at Frankel Dentistry are considered dental family, while our team considers each family member’s oral health to be their first priority. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. It doesn’t get more important than that.

2. Flash your brights
All new patients receive complimentary teeth whitening. Patients enjoy whiter teeth and often home care is improved. A beautiful, healthy smile makes patients feel better and look better.

Dr. Jennifer Ludwig, co-owner

Sylvania Orthodontics

6407 Monroe St., Sylvania
419-882-1017 | www.Perfectbraces.com

Don’t be shy— laugh, speak loudly, and smile bright knowing you have the keys to better health, with advice from Dr. Ludwig.

1. Sleep more
Many studies show that overall health from heart, to brain, to mental health all improve with proper sleep.

2. Brush & Floss
Brushing and flossing reduces bacteria in the mouth, which in turn, reduces bacteria throughout your whole body.

Mary Nitray, owner

Optical Arts

2934 W. Central Ave.
419-535-7837 | www.OpticalArtsInc.com

Optical Arts specializes in making sure the windows to your soul look great and the vision-gurus want to make sure you are protecting your peepers correctly. Maintaining eye health let’s you take in the world’s beauty.

1. Keep up with trends and your health by getting a yearly eye exam
Yearly eye exams are more than just get you a new prescription, the exam also checks the health of your eyes. Wearing the most up-to-date prescription can give you more energy for both work and play.

2. Stay healthy with with blue light protection
Everyone knows about UV damage, but not everyone knows about damaging blue light— cell phones, computers and tablets all emit damaging blue light. Blue light not only can damage our eyes it can also interfere with your sleep schedule. There are special lenses and anti-reflectives that block the damaging blue light and protect your eyes.

Jason Peisley, owner

Fairwood Health & Body Transition

5215 Monroe Street Suite 5
419-517-1030 | www.BurnFatToledo.com

Looking to shed those extra pounds? Jason Peisley, owner of Fairwood Health & Body Transition, believes that creating a healthy lifestyle starts with making simple, daily choices. Want to streamline your diet and organize your life in a way that fulfills your goals? Take these two simple steps to a healthy lifestyle.

1. Avoid processed foods–they make you sick and fat.
Processed foods have been engineered to be sweet, salty and fatty and contain artificial/toxic ingredients. They are stripped of fiber, high in refined carbs and trans fats, and low in nutrients. Instead, eat organic whole foods that help to keep your immune system strong and protect you from disease.

2. Detox your body to remove toxins and reboot your metabolism
The only way to look good and feel good is to cleanse your body of toxins that derail your health. Detoxifying your body will improve your sleep, give you tons of energy, stop uncontrollable food cravings and help you lose weight, just to name a few of the many benefits.

Tamara D. Willingham, L.Ac., Dipl. OM, LMT

Tamara TCM Acupuncture & Herbs Wellness Clinic

27068 Oakmead Dr., Perrysburg
419-345-4996 | www.TamaraTCM.com

Get your glow on and shine from within by improving your health with Traditional Chinese Medicine. This ancient art of healing avoids many side effects of contemporary medications.

1. Reduce stress and find your pressure points
Acupuncture works by balancing the functional energy in the body by promoting the body to heal itself.. Side effects of acupuncture are feeling better, sleeping better, improved digestion, less stress, pain reduction plus so much more.

2. Get herbal
Herbal medicine is the original medicine. It has been used for thousands of years and is powerful and effective at healing the body.

Owner and president, Carmen Wigmans (in green), pictured with new medical director, Dr. Craig Colville, MD, F.A.C.S. (in a suit), and entire spa staff estheticians, makeup artists and certified massage therapists

Reve Salon and Spa

5633 N. Main St., Sylvania.
419-885-1140 | www.revesalonandspa.com

You’re beautiful, you’re strong, and you’re a object d’art. Taking care of yourself is more than just doing the basics-—going the extra mile will make you look good and feel great.

1. “Me time” creates the best you
If you want to take care of others you must take care of yourself first, so take time out of your busy day to schedule something for yourself.

2. Treat yourself like the masterpiece you are and buy high-quality materials
You only have one body — take care of it! Invest in the best skincare and hair care products you can afford.

Merinda Marcinkowski,owner

Creative Excellence Salon

2600 W. Sylvania Ave.
(DeVeaux Village Shopping Center)
419-472-1454 | www.creativeexcellencesalon.com

Maintain your good looks from head to toe— with full-body services and the tools to let your hair down while it grows.

1. “Long hair, don’t care”
Stimulate your roots and try out the Surface Products collection, that uses natural ingredients and promotes hair growth. The line of products respects you and the earth while keeping your scalp, hair and skin in the best possible condition.

2. Head-to-toe service salon
Our full-service salon offers everything from massage to nail and hair services. When you look good it helps you feel good. Let us be your salon to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Kelly Salazar, co-owner

Bikram Yoga Toledo

5107B Monroe St.
567-343-2298 | www.bikramyogatoledo.com

Maybe you’ve seen social media photos of friends twisted like pretzels while you struggle to sit cross-legged. Maybe you’re a dedicated runner who ends with a cool down stretch. No matter your level of flexibility, Bikram Yoga Toledo will help you bend in the right direction.

1. Start with baby steps
You can’t completely change your lifestyle in one giant step, it is about making small strides and changes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Make the best, healthiest choices you can each day and, before you know it, things will change. Same goes for yoga— you aren’t going to be a yoga champion the first time you step on a yoga mat.

2. Engage in mindfulness
As the saying goes, “everything in moderation”— and this is especially true for food. Don’t beat yourself up for having dessert every once in awhile, but do be aware of what you are eating. The more aware you are, the more your body will tell you what it needs.

Colleen Knorek, owner and practioner

The Movement Lab

117 Louisiana Ave.
419-819-8409 | www.movementrefined.com

Look good and feel good by promoting the mind-body connection with The Movement Lab, specializing in classical pilates with innovative instruction.

1. Participate in full body connection movement every day
Leg day? Arm day? Forget about separating your body at the gym, and instead, hit the studio to engage in movement that relies on full body connection to increase everyday balance, control and alignment of the spine. This type of movement training will allow your body to move and perform to the best of its ability— whether in daily life or as a competitive athlete.

1. Use your muscles on your central nervous system
When you do pilates, you relax your mind and central nervous system. By toning and strengthening your body, your muscles can relax— calming your mind and central nervous system.

Dr. Frank Barone, owner

Evolv Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics

2000 Regency Court Suite 204
Toledo, OH 43623
419-720-2008 | www.frankbaronemd.com

The way you feel about your appearance impacts your confidence. evolv Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics helps you harness the power of feeling and living beautifully.

1. Restore and creative optimal skin health with ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical
With over 25 years of experience in medical skin care, we are able to combine product recommendations with targeted treatments and procedures to supply our patients with personalized programs that provide exceptional results. Our favorite is the ZO product and treatment line. It has exclusive formulations and unique delivery systems that provide solutions for every patient. ZO benefits patients of all ages by improving confidence and self-esteem, while minimizing the risk of skin cancer.

2. Age gracefully
We believe in improving the way patients feel about aging. From our experience, and multiple clinical studies, we know that they way you feel about getting older matters both to your sense of well-being and your physical health. e volv’s comprehensive surgical and non-surgical programs are designed to achieve natural and balanced outcomes that can help each patient embrace their aging.

Bryan D. Royer, DC, owner

Harmony Chiropractic Center, Inc

3829 Woodley Rd, Ste 1
419-517-5055 | www.BestToledoChiropractor.com

Snap your way back to nimble, effortless movement at Harmony Chiropractic Center. Whether you have chronic pain or are healing from an injury, chiropractic care is an easy, effective and safe way to get your body back to how you want it.

1. Keep your body in sync by pairing healthy food with challenging movements
While people would agree that getting a healthy diet is difficult, increasing the amounts of fruits and vegetables that you eat every day is an easy way to decrease the unhealthy options. Pair your produce with challenging exercises that will increase your strength, stamina and flexibility to help protect yourself from arthritis and dementia.

2. Start with chiropractic care and get adjusted
We can all keep our medication usage to a minimum and help avoid complex medical procedures, like surgeries, by seeing a chiropractic physician. Chiropractic adjustments are a remarkably safe, conservative and cost-effective treatment option that can provide better results and greater patient satisfaction than medical treatments. This therapeutic practice can prevent muscle fatigue, increase muscle strength, decrease pain intensity and improving physical function.

Charlie Soto, owner

Summit Salon Academy

116 W. South Boundary St., Perrysburg
419-873-9999 | www.summitsalonacademyperrysburg.edu

Treat yourself like the work of art you are and maintain those amazing looks with simple steps to boost your confidence and mood.

1. Proper grooming is a great promotional tool
This is essential to promote yourself and to make a good impression in school, at work, or in public. Everyday we meet new people and, perhaps, an opportunity to advance ourselves will present itself. We certainly want to look and feel our best when those opportunities arise.

2. Great products = great results
Beauty professionals have the daily opportunity to help a client look and feel their best, both mentally and physically. We promote this by using great products for skin and nails— with style to match.

(Left-Right) Sarah Barone, Robert Bremer, Jennifer Ison, owner, Anna Bremer (owner)

Massage Bliss, llc.

610 Adams St.
419-259-2987 | www.massageblisstoledo.com

Get to the source of your tension by having a professional at Massage Bliss give your body the rubdown you kneed.

1. Treat yourself to a monthly massage
Regular massage relaxes the body and the mind, making it easy to let go of the negative and to embrace the positive.

2. Use your newly-found energy to express gratitude
Being actively thankful for all of the gifts you’ve received in life, big and small, will allow you to see how fortunate you are despite any challenges and negativity you may experience.

(Left-Right) Dr. Lawrence Baibak, Dr. Thomas Dalagiannis, Dr. Jeff Kesler

Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons

1360 Arrowhead Rd., Maumee
419-885-2955 | www.arrowheadsurgeons.com

The doctors at Arrowhead are professionals who perform procedures to help you maintain a fulfilled, gorgeous lifestyle.

1. Daily habits create lifelong results
Take good care of your skin. Eat a healthy diet, use sunscreen daily, avoid smoking or other forms of tobacco and avoid tanning beds. Establish habits of daily skin cleansing and proven skincare regimens. Obtain rejuvenation procedures as you need them. Your skin is what you present to the world! “ – Dr. Baibak

2. Make healthy life choices
Healthy life choices; Both diet and exercise are pivotal in feeling and looking youthful.— they are also the most important factors that patients can control to help improve and maintain our plastic surgery results. – Dr. Kesler

3. Consider minimally invasive procedures and services
Looking good which then makes you feel good about yourself. At Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons we can help you look and feel better with many minimally invasive procedures and services. – Dr. Dalagiannis

Kim VanTuinen,owner

Van Optical

5307 Monroe Street
419-841-8550 | www.vanoptical.com

Van Optical believes that your eyesight is more than just a way to see the world— it’s a way to show the world what to see in you.

1. Get in the right frame of mind
Van Optical has a tremendous frame selection! This means no matter what you like we have it…or just maybe you don’t know what you want and we will help you find it. The better you look, the better we look.

2. Use the right technology
We also offer the latest lens technology and various specialty products such as computer, occupational industrial, sports wear and polarized sunwear. These vehicles allow us to customize each patient’s needs to make their life better with the perfect eyewear.

Kendra Carnicom, Medical Aesthetician

FACES Skin Health Experts

6595 Secor Rd.
734-568-6100 | www.skinbyfaces.com

Part of feeling and looking your best is finding the right look for you. Overwhelmed by trends? Beautiful skin is always in style. Keep your skin glowing and beautiful by taking the right steps.

1. Save time and money with the right skincare regime
We help our patients achieve optimal skin health (and save time and money) by streamlining their skin care regimen down to products that actually work for them. Licensed and trained medical aestheticians and a physician who is board certified in plastic surgery performs customized treatments and services that produce visible results.

2. Glow into a happy, healthy life
It goes without saying we believe in the look good, feel good philosophy. Healthy skin represents overall health and happiness. Have you ever been told “you look fantastic, you’re glowing!”? Our patients hear that all the time!