Best of Toledo – Revisiting the Champs

. July 2, 2013.

Thousands of Toledo City Paper readers voted and declared them the best the area has to offer. Five months after their big win in our annual Best of Toledo awards, we revisit these champions to see how the award has impacted their business.




Best Veterinarian – Dr. Bob Esplin

“The long history of my approach to veterinary medicine has always been to do things the right way. It’s always nice to be recognized by the pet-owning public as the best. We strive to exceed everybody’s expectations. We take it as a real honor, and we also take it as a challenge to improve the next year.” —

Dr. Bob Esplin, veterinarian/owner SylvaniaVET
4801 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd.


Runner Up : Best Wedding Venue – Toledo Botanical Gardens

“We are really proud to be among the best of the best! Especially in a category like this one. A wedding is a monumental moment in a person’s life; we try to provide the monumental scenery!”

Toledo Botanical Garden,
5403 Elmer Dr. 419-536-5566



Best Locally-Owned Women’s Boutique – Elegant Rags

“It was so awesome to win — it makes you feel you’re doing something right. I think that our key to being the best is being very diverse. We cover a lot of ground — we’ve got everything from evening gowns to jeans and t-shirts, and we’re always looking out for our customers and trying to cater to their tastes.”

Elegant Rags
109 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg 419-873-7247


Best Mexican Restaurant -El Camino Real

“We’re always striving for excellence, so when our fans voted us the best, it felt great. We’re seriously honored. We put out the best in Mexican food, drinks, and fun for you, and you gave us a huge thank you. We appreciate it!” —Jesus Angel, owner, El Camino Real

2500 W. Sylvania Ave., Toledo, 419-472-0700
551 W. Dussel Dr., Maumee, 419-887-0700
2072 Woodville Rd., Oregon, 419-693-6695



Best Dentist – Dr. Jon Frankel

“We love what we do! We are going to continue to care for Toledo with the best service and dentistry available. Thank you for recognizing Frankel Dentistry as the Toledo City Paper’s Best of Toledo 2013.”

5012 Talmadge Rd., 419-474-9611
4359 Keystone Dr., Maumee, 419-893-0221



Best Alternative Healthcare Provider – Dr. Bryan Royer

“I strive to be the best in what I do by always learning. I have achieved a number of certifications (Kinesio Taping, Graston Technique, Sports Medicine and Chiropractic Neurology) and many where I am either the only healthcare provider or the first one to have accomplished it in the Toledo area.” — Bryan Royer, DC, DACNB, CCSP, CKTP

Harmony Chiropractic Center, Inc.,
3829 Woodley Rd.


Best Chiropractor – Dr. Nickalis Dumas, D.C.

“Rapid Relief Chiropractic would just like to thank Toledo for the support over the last seven years. Just like people make it a point to visit their dentist every six months or change the oil in their care every 2,000 miles, our mission is to raise people’s awareness that they need to take the same care of their neuro-musculoskeletal system. Being voted the best just encourages us to keep pushing for that health education!”

Rapid Relief Chiropractic Center
4210 Sylvania Ave., Suite 102


Best Paint Store – John’s Color Concepts, Inc

“Thank you so much for voting us the best in Toledo five years running! I’m totally devoted to my customers  they’re the reason Color Concepts is thriving. So to be recognized was a real honor. We appreciate your business.”—
John Glanz, owner

6725 W. Central Ave.



Best Burger Joint – Bar 145

“The three words that came to mind when we won? Honored, validated, and motivated. A title like that just makes us want to strive to do an even better job. The staff and the owners can’t say enough about Toledo and their support.” — Chef Robby Lucas Bar 145,

5305 Monroe St.



Best Place to Buy Local Art – Copper Moon Studio

“We have some great customers that really rally us and rally their friends around us, too. Most of the customers that we have make it a purpose to shop local, so I think the BOT award is a reaffirmation for them that it makes a big difference to do so, for both customers and for businesses locally.” — Suzie Yeager, manager Copper Moon Studio Gallery & Gifts

8007 Airport Hwy., Holland



Best Soup – Chowders ‘N Moor

“I started the restaurant 11 years ago, and for a little place in Waterville to take such a strong category makes me feel honored. I know our chicken chili is what we’re really known for and I think people drive out there just for that. Knowing the stiff competition there is in Toledo it makes us feel so proud that we won.” —Tina and Tom Kuron, owners Chowders ‘N Moor

312 South St., Waterville


Best Orthodontist – Dr. Simon, Haerian & Ludwig

“Winning best orthodontists for the fourth year in a row feels four times as nice as it did the first year!  Our goal is to always create the most perfect smile possible for each of our patients.  It’s wonderful to know our patients appreciate our efforts.” —The Smile Team of Drs. Simon, Haerian & Ludwig

6407 Monroe St., Sylvania, 419-882-1017
4359 Keystone Dr., Maumee, 419-887-1247
7928 Secor Rd., Lambertville, 734-854-6221



Best Men’s Barber Shop – Roosters Mens Grooming Center

“The BOT award is a real affirmation of what the Roosters Men’s Grooming Center concept is all about — an authentic, talented staff providing exceptional customer service and quality haircut services! Our customers are discerning and appreciate the extra care and time our staff takes on each and every customer. Customers always have choices and we are so very proud that our great customers have chosen us!” —
Lisa Bachmayer and Greg Ballmer, owners Roosters Men’s Grooming Center

5300 Monroe Street, 419-843-4030