Celebrate the Kentucky Derby in Toledo

Circle 2445 brings its annual Kentucky Derby party back to the Toledo Museum of Art. This party is complete with a cash bar featuring Mint Juleps, and Bourbon tastings. A taste of Kentucky with southern fare, guests are encouraged to wear their most extravagant clothing for the Derby Digs Fashion Contest. Kentucky Chrome, featuring Jason

Handmade Toledo’s 10th Maker’s Mart offers new vendors and old favorites

In April 2012, Jessica “Oh Sew Betty” Crossfield first brought more than 80 local and regional makers together for Handmade Toledo’s Maker’s Mart, the city’s first juried indie craft fair. Since then, Crossfield’s dream of a one-day event has transformed into Handmade Toledo Maker’s Shoppe, a brick and mortar offering a year-round, small-scale experience,  with

Michelle “Vod” Atkinson: Pedal Pusher

Riding a bike doesn’t mean ending up face-first on a mound of grass covered in sweat. Take ‘er easy and learn from yarn and bike enthusiast, Michelle “Vod” Atikinson. Not only can you find her at most community rides, you also can’t miss her— she’ll be dressed in colorful, vintage clothing, Vod’s outfits are often

Free Comic Book Day: Your Guide to Getting into Comics

The success of many popular comic-based movies has created a renaissance for the genre. There is, simply, no better time to be a comic book nerd. Comics can be a tricky thing to pick up, due to an almost overwhelming amount of titles. Local shops will provide new readers with a perfect jump start on

Water Watch: Something is still fishy

Members of Advocates for a Clean Lake Erie (ACLE) were on hand to protest and hand out leaflets during John Kasich’s recent State of the State speech in Sandusky. “We’re not going to let him get away with using Lake Erie as a photo op, while he lets factory farms use it as a toilet,”

Wheeler Farms Butterfly House Opens for the Summer Season

The Wheeler Farms Butterfly House opens its doors for spring Containing over 1,000 butterflies and 100 different species that originate from North America, South America and Asia, the facility teaches guests about the life cycle and environmental impact of these insects. Since the lifespan of a butterfly is only two to three weeks, a new

Policing the Police: Get to know your Civilian Police Review Board

A common policy goal for civil liberties advocates and Black Lives Matter organizers, a Civilian’s Police Review Board acts as an independent agency for reviewing allegations of police abuse.   Toledo City Council first established such a board in 1991— but like many volunteer city boards, its tenure over the years has been dotted with

Spring Wedding Guide

  Chelsea Fisher Age: 24 Occupation: Sales Associate at Hafner Florist and Unit Secretary at Flower Hospital Three words to describe your partner: Dedicated, loving and caring. What was your first impression of your partner? This guy likes to have fun.  Did you imagine your wedding day as a little girl? Was it like that?

Lourdes University offers scholarships for new co-ed eSports program

Good news, moms and dads: video games might have been the best use of your kids’ time, after all. While you were hassling them about wasting their lives, they were actually building up a diverse portfolio of skills that could land them a scholarship from a prestigious private college. Lourdes University, an independent Franciscan institution

Beat Your Own High Score At Downtown 419’s Pop-Up Bar/Arcade

Do you remember a time when all of your favorite video games were in an arcade? Think back to those days. You walked in the front door, pockets filled with chances to beat someone’s high score. Colorful 8-bit characters scrolled across the gaming screens of your past, and simple electronic melodies got stuck in your