Obama's greatest ally

Other than thinking he was in Pennsylvania, Bill Clinton was, as usual, electric during his speech at Owens Community College yesterday.

Trick or treating with the rich and famous

(What can we say — we’re adults. We need handfuls.) We discovered that grown male journalists are unwelcome trick-or-treaters; knocking on the doors of McMansions is awkward; and there are a lot of Jimmy Jacksons in Toledo.

Back to the heartland

She hasn’t forgotten. Years have passed — a successful chunk of time that made her a household name through American Idol and a debut album


In one of the most vibrant and fun up-and-coming Detroit districts, over 90 museums, art galleries, non-profits and agencies are teaming up to bring the first annual DLECTRICITY. For two days the neighborhood on the outskirts of Wayne State University will light up to form a collective, freewheeling art venue. Representing Toledo, WORK — a

You will do better in Toledo

TEDxToledo "Ours is a city unlike any other. Some of the best artists, skilled laborers, and brightest minds you'll find anywhere call this home. There are many among us who remain hopeful, many who remain proud to be here. Indeed, we've had our challenges. I was born and raised here. I've seen how great we

2012 Touchstone Nominated Stories

Congratulations to our amazing editorial writers! The following stories from the Toledo City Paper were nominated for the Press Club of Toledo's Touchstone award for Excellence in Journalism.   Julian Garcia – August 2011 A Decade to Remember, One Day in September   Matt Desmond – December 2011 Simply Bacik   Scott Recker – October