Screaming for Ice Cream? Here’s the Scoop on Toledo’s Hottest Spots of Cold Treats

Warm weather might be late, but neighborhood ice cream stands have all opened on schedule. Who cares if the temperature is low? It’s officially spring and we’re ready to get our fill of cup and cone. Whether you want a pint of one of Rachel’s Handmade Ice Cream’s small-batch, high-quality flavors, or a giant cone of soft serve that’s practically priced at a penny per

Quirky comedy, The Internationalist, Hits The UT Stage

“Mind-bending,” “surrealist,” “odd,” “quirky,” and “contemporary” are just a few of the words used by director Caitlyn Tella to describe the University of Toledo’s latest theatre production. The Internationalist is a comedy not often produced, so UT offers a unique opportunity to see a play that not only will leave audiences laughing, but will also

A Gluten-Free Guide to The Glass City: 14 Favorites for Every Meal

What do other cities have that Toledo doesn’t? If you answered “good gluten-free food,” then we’re here to prove you wrong! Whether you have a celiac disease diagnosis, a wheat allergy or simply prefer the lifestyle, you can find gluten-free options for every palate and budget. Here are some of our favorites. 1. Real Seafood

City Considers Rebranding As “Toledo: Presented by ProMedica”

You will do better in Toledo? What if you had even more help? A controversial proposal will soon be discussed by city government. In an effort to further revitalize the downtown area and move the city into the future, a proposal to rebrand the city using private funding will be considered. “They’re thinking of calling it

Beat Your Own High Score At Downtown 419’s Pop-Up Bar/Arcade

Do you remember a time when all of your favorite video games were in an arcade? Think back to those days. You walked in the front door, pockets filled with chances to beat someone’s high score. Colorful 8-bit characters scrolled across the gaming screens of your past, and simple electronic melodies got stuck in your

Tricks of the Trade: Cheap Trick’s Advice is Worth Paying For

What is it about Cheap Trick that’s allowed this quartet to endure four plus decades? Could it be the simple combination of hooks, harmonies and fat riffs that easily makes them the greatest American power pop band still trodding the stage? Or is their enduring appeal found in the cartoonish approach to rock and roll

And Finally, Heartbreak… Toledo Opera performs Vanessa

This season’s romantic trilogy with American composers at The Toledo Opera has drawn to a close. Audiences laughed heartily and wept with joy during performances of Rossini’s The Barber of Seville and Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, but all good things must come to an end. Vanessa, the tragic opera composed by Samuel Barber, marks

Pouring Puccini: Opera on Tap Brings Baritones to Toledo Bars

When most people think “opera,” they envision a stuffy, black-tie affair, with wealthy patrons peeking through their glasses and applauding politely. The idea of the venerated art form appealing to the masses seems unlikely to those with that kind of picture in their minds. It’s exactly the stereotype that the group Opera on Tap hopes

Shadow Fashions Emerges in West Toledo

Now that Shadow Fashions is settled into its new location in the Miracle Mile Shopping Plaza, co-owner Chiquita McGlown Hague wants the community to know just what her fashion boutique has to offer.   “I want people to know that I’m in the neighborhood, and that I’m here for them.” Shadow Fashions has occupied their