Toledo Beer and Bacon Fest sizzles

The best part of summer for many folks are the different annual outdoor festivals. Whether celebrating food, art, or music, there’s a festival for everyone in Northwest Ohio. Attempting to court every pork and brew fan in the city is the Toledo Beer and Bacon Fest,  with a celebration of that magical epicurean pairing on

Toledo Historical Swordsmanship Society takes stab at old fighting styles

Everyone needs a hobby. Some people golf. Others play racquetball. And then you have the members of the Toledo Historical Swordsmanship Society (THSS), who learn to master razor sharp medieval weaponry. The 14 members (and growing) of the THSS focus on Historical European Martial Arts (or HEMA), part of several similar groups throughout Michigan and

Memorial Day Sales To Take Advantage Of

Courtesy of the sales experts at Mattresses Historically, Memorial Day weekend has been one of the best weekends to buy mattresses. Companies start slashing prices up to 60%, offering free home delivery and bundle deals. This year with the bed-in-a-box craze still going, be prepared to see large discounts from these retailers. Nectar –

A Day of Discovery

If you spend any time at the Renaissance Hotel Downtown Toledo, you will learn one thing very quickly— this hotel LOVES Toledo. From locally-sourced ingredients on the Brim House menu to all the artwork by community artists decorating the walls, their work as Toledo cheerleaders seems to know no bounds. Recently, the Renaissance hosted the

Desure opening for Dwight Yoakam

Singer-songwriter Desure brings his powerhouse voice and acoustic sets to open for Dwight Yoakam at Centennial Terrace this month. With easygoing country tunes like “Kick Rocks” and heartfelt throwbacks like “Sailing Nights,” it’s no wonder that the former Midland tour manager’s repertoire was described by Rolling Stone as “a panoramic slice of folk rock with just enough

A Beacon of Light

James Bell speaks about systemic racism in our criminal justice system James Bell is a legal justice advocate who has spent decades as an attorney and activist. He is set to be the keynote speaker at the 2019 Access to Justice Awards Dinner, where he’ll talk about the way the legal system is structured, and

Fast Times at Cedar Point

The 2019 season begins with new food and fun Now that the wait is over, it’s time to give some love to the most popular roller coaster destination in the world— Cedar Point. If you are new to the area— or have an unfounded case of coasterphobia— you should really make the trip to Sandusky

Community Cinema

The 2nd annual Adrian International Film Festival brings movie lovers together It’s becoming easier by the year to find entertainment from other countries that you wouldn’t have even thought to look for. Sure, everyone knows about The Avengers and other major American film events. But what if you’d like to see what entertains people in