Jamie Baumgartner’s Introspective Glass City Flow

Turn up the volume on Toledo’s thriving hip-hop scene. Jamie Baumgartner, voted Toledo’s best hip-hop artist by City Paper readers, rocking Toledo listeners with autobiographical lyrical stylings for nearly a decade, has taken flight. Hip Hop Origins Baumgartner has been fascinated with hip-hop for as long as he can remember, with his first introduction to

2018 Beer & Bacon Fest

The fourth annual Toledo Beer & Bacon Fest returns to the historic Birmingham Neighborhood with all manner of bacon foods, bacon-themed craft beers, and live music by Irish punk band Katie’s Randy Cat. We sat down with two beer and bacon enthusiasts, organizers of the festival since its humble beginnings. From Birmingham to Bacon Originally

Cinco de Derby In The 419

With the Derby on deck this Saturday, May 5, the unofficial day drinking holiday is off to the races against the tequila-fueled fun of Cinco de Mayo. Will a cool mint julep give the good ol’ margarita a run for its money?

We drink in secret: Toledo’s first (legal) speakeasy

To put it politely, Toledo has an obsession with the past. But we don’t mourn our prior successes, we look back to turn hindsight into foresight. When we want to improve the community, we reflect on the successful progressive reforms made at the turn of the century by the late mayor, Samuel M. “Golden Rule”

Art and Technology Overlap at UT’s Launchpad Incubation

The University of Toledo’s program LaunchPad Incubation is a (virtual) petri dish of ideas. LaunchPad Incubation has invited UT’s Center for Visual Arts into its space. Here, art and technology, a Venn-diagram overlap of surprising proportions, have emerged from the incubator in the first of multiple installations.

someBODY ONCE TOLD ME… UT Deleted The Tweet

Toledo is a swamp. I know it, you know it, we all know. The University of Toledo knows it, so why did they change their mind? Yesterday at 11:22am, the University of Toledo’s Twitter account (@UToledo) engaged the internet’s obsession with a warm-hearted ogre in an 11-word tweet: “If this gets 500k retweets we’ll change