77 Years After Pearl Harbor: Bush, 16 Million Americans Soldiers, and Lives Not Lost in Vain

77 years ago today, the fate of 16 million Americans soldiers was decided within a matter of minutes when the attack on Pearl Harbor drew the United States into World War II.
One day later, a 17-year-old George H. W. Bush, mourning the loss of his friends who died during the attack, attempted to enlist in the U.S. military. Too young, he was turned away, but returned on his 18th birthday to enlist in the Navy, later becoming one of its youngest aviators.

A 12,000 Mile Journey Around the U.S.—Biking for Charity

Retired Sylvania history teacher Alan Thompson has extensive bicycling experience which began in 1980 when he took his first tour through Europe. Later, during a sabbatical from teaching, he biked the U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, and New Zealand. No stranger to long journeys on his bike (which he has nicknamed Floyd in honor of Charles

Shelter from the Storm

Toledo’s music community steps up to help a friend in need Anyone who is at all familiar with the Toledo music community knows that it is a tight-knit group, more like a big family. That’s why, when dobro player Mike Peters from Old State Line suffered a stroke, his friends knew they had to help.

2018 Guide to Downtown 419 Lunch Delivery

Need some new ideas for lunch during the workweek? Tired of ordering the same thing from the same place? Check out these restaurants and services that deliver lunch in downtown Toledo. Deliver Toledo  Delivering your favorite gems of Toledo right to your door, Deliver Toledo is a service that will bring you whichever food your

Return of the Ice Rink

SeaSkate Ice Skating Rink Opens Downtown It has been 30 years since Toledoans have had a public ice skating rink to enjoy during the holiday season, but that is about to change. ConnecToledo, Downtown Development Corporation and One SeaGate Partners bring us SeaSkate, a synthetic ice rink that will be located along the riverfront between

Ventura’s Celebrates 34 Years of Margaritas and Fun

What do Italian mobsters and margaritas have in common? Well, we can’t imagine that mobsters dislike margaritas, but if you want to pinpoint a connection, look no further than Ventura’s Mexican Restaurant. While the cantina is not affiliated with gangsters, the Bancroft Street building first opened in 1919 as a speakeasy called the Stork Nest.