Democracy Day meeting on March 5

Toledo voters established Democracy Day on March 5, 2016, which functions as an annual, mandatory hearing between the public, the mayor, and city council members concerning the influence of money on local politics and the impact of political contributions from corporations, unions, PACS and Super-PACS. Following Democracy Day, the mayor is required by law to send a letter to our congressional representatives urging them to support a constitutional amendment that says corporations are not people.

Gloria Steinem supports Teresa Fedor with Kick-Off event

The 83-year-old feminist icon Gloria Steinem and the 61-year-old democratic Ohio House Representative have more than a few things in common: they are both Toledo natives, fierce advocates for a women’s right to choose, and supporters of Toledo’s Capitol Care Network, which was set to close until ProMedica agreed to sign a long awaited transfer agreement earlier in February.

African American Club hosts all-inclusive dinner and discussion

In honor of Black History Month, Maumee Valley Country Day School holds an annual Afro-Am Dinner, hosted by the African-American Club. Learn about African-American culture and history with club members and local speakers while enjoying a delicious meal. $5. 6pm Monday, February 26. Maumee Valley Country Day School Dining Room | 1715 S. Reynolds Rd.

Creating a safe space for Toledo’s LGBTQ+ community

In December, Bretz Nightclub— one of Ohio’s oldest gay bars— closed after 30 years. A few weeks later, The Greater Toledo House of Prayer (GTHOP), an organization that states on their website that they view LGBTQ+ people as immoral and against their values, announced that they had purchased the nightclub’s building, located at 2012 Adams

Ask A Patent/Copyright/Trademark Attorney night at the Toledo Library

Have you been sitting on an amazing book manuscript, invention or other creative intellectual property, but you’re worried about showing it in public for fear of it being stolen? Talking with a lawyer would help a lot, but they’re expensive. Head to the Toledo Library’s Main Branch for Ask A Patent/Copyright/ Trademark Attorney night, where

Eugenio Mollo Jr. to speak at firstthursdaytoledo

When low-income neighbors and immigrants in Ohio need help, where do they turn? Meet one impactful Toledoan making a difference during firstthursdaytoledo’s next talk, featuring Eugenio Mollo, Jr., (pictured on the right) Managing Attorney of the Agricultural Worker and Immigrant Rights Practice Group for Advocates for Basic Legal Equality’s (ABLE) Toledo office. The monthly series

Working for the children

Every year in Lucas County, approximately 4,000 allegations of child abuse and neglect are investigated. In almost one quarter of those cases, volunteers of the Lucas County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) program, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected CASA programs, lend a caring hand. Lucas County CASA volunteers are everyday citizens trained

The Holiday with Heart Charity celebrates 40 years of pride

The Holiday with Heart Charity has worked to provide financial support to the local LGBT community for nearly 40 years. Help support the group’s continued efforts during the 40th annual Holiday with Heart Charity Gayla on Sunday, December 3 at the Toledo Club. Enjoy dinner, dancing, and tons of fun. This year, proceeds from the

Join the news media conversation

Fake news? Fair coverage? The Trump Presidency has certainly shaken up the public’s relationship with the media. How does partisan politics impact the press, and why do Democrats and Republicans have conflicting opinions about the objectivity of political coverage? Join the conversation during the Lifelong Learning Hot Topic: Americans’ Attitudes About the News Media. Cost