Laughs for recovery at the Maumee Indoor Theatre

In celebration of sobriety, witness the turnaround from a deadly addiction to a humorous performance. During Racing for Recovery’s event Stand Up with Racing for Recovery, comedian and former addict Scott Putnam will share his story of rehabilitation while providing laughs with his comedy. Headlining the night is Mike Green, a club favorite and multi-comedy

Breaking the color barrier a half century before Jackie Robinson

If you asked someone outside of Toledo who the first black Major League Baseball Player was, they’d likely answer Jackie Robinson. They wouldn’t be wrong to do it; in 1947, he was the first player of the modern era to break the color barrier. A Hollywood movie (42) was even made to celebrate his accomplishments.

Mud Hens Who Flew The Coop (For Stardom)

While we love our Mud Hens players, we know that Toledo is a stopping point en route to The Show. As the AAA farm team for the Detroit Tigers, the most-skilled Mud Hens migrate north when called up to the Majors. Here are some of the Mud Hens who made it big in the big

A decade of keeping Toledo epic

Want to know why “you will do better in Toledo”? It’s because Toledo works together. Celebrate the hard work of one organization with 10 years of making things better. EPIC Toledo was created by the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce in 2007 with the goal of “engaging people, inspiring change.” Party with the empowering group,

City Considers Rebranding As “Toledo: Presented by ProMedica”

You will do better in Toledo? What if you had even more help? A controversial proposal will soon be discussed by city government. In an effort to further revitalize the downtown area and move the city into the future, a proposal to rebrand the city using private funding will be considered. “They’re thinking of calling it

Toledo Intentionally Keeps Its Highway ‘Rough’ to Appease Jeep

Eager to further demonstrate what a good partner Toledo and Jeep can be, the city has made life just a little bit rougher for everyone not driving an “all-terrain vehicle with kick-ass 4-wheel drive,” complains a source allegedly from within 1 Government Center. The Toledo City Commissioners have purportedly made a decree that no further

Moses Fleetwood Day

The recent passing of Ohio House Bill 59 honors professional baseball’s first black player, Moses Fleetwood Walker, whose tenure with the Toledo Blue Stockings predated Jackie Robinson by 58 years.