Boochy Mama’s Kombucha Brew Workshop

Join Boochy Mama’s team for the Kombucha Brewing at Home Workshop where you’ll receive an introductory lesson in brewing up the drink that improves gut health, a starter kit, and some free kombucha while you learn.

5k at the Toledo Zoo

Cardio exercise isn’t everyone’s favorite Saturday morning activity, but you can give it a try during the Medical Mutual Dart Frog Dash, a 5k race through the Toledo Zoo.

Top Docs and Wellness Champs

As the story goes, an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but these health and wellness professionals offer more for their patients. Want to get in tip top shape? Listen to the advice of these pros.

Check Your Skin With Free Local Cancer Screenings

As much fun as we like to have at Toledo City Paper, we also recognize the seriousness of of maintaining our health, both personally and as a community. The entire month of May is nationally recognized as Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Calm An Open Mind At California YOGA By Kimi Rae

Meditation asks the mind and body to “do nothing”— a feat that sounds easy, but many find incredibly difficult. Learn how to let yourself relax and let your mind be still during Deep Relaxation and Meditation at California YOGA by Kimi Rae. The workshop will explore breathwork and the fundamentals of meditation by leading participants