University of Toledo Welcomes Filmmaker Mike Goodier

The people who are behind the camera and editing a film are unseen by the audience, yet the story cannot be told without them. From September 17-21, the University of Toledo Department of Theatre and Film will host one of these critical players, motion picture editor and filmmaker Mike Goodier, as a Guest Artist-in-Residence. The

Film Focus Returns to Toledo Library

The Toledo Lucas County Public Library’s annual independent film festival, Film Focus, returns with six award-winning independent, international films centered on themes of unity, family and culture. The series begins on Monday, September 24 with the French and Arabic drama In Syria, the award-winning story about a mother protecting her family from a sniper outside

Celebrating Hines Farm Blues Club

Tucked away in Swanton, a stone’s throw west of Toledo, is a musical institution. Opened in 1957, the venue saw some of the biggest names in blues –– B.B. King, Count Basie, John Lee Hooker and countless others— play before boisterous crowds. The club was run by a music-loving couple who were the first African Americans in Northwest Ohio to obtain a liquor license.

‘Water’ Works

To University of Toledo film professor and independent filmmaker Holly Hey, the art of cinema isn’t about making crowd-pleasing blockbusters— it’s about focusing the camera lens on important social issues.

Phoenix Theatres, Monroe, Announces Three Stooges Film Festival

What’s your favorite joke from The Three Stooges? Not sure? Why not borrow one from Curly— “I’m trying to think, but nothing happens!” Refresh the memories of some of Moe, Curly, and Larry’s best one-liners and physical comedy during the Three Stooges Film Festival. Catch seven Stooges short films— including Cookoo Cavaliers and Violence is

Toledo Museum of Art Screens Adaptation

Adapting isn’t easy, but it’s required for survival. But what about when we choose to adapt instead of surviving? Director and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman took the risk with the 2002 metafilm, Adaptation, which he was certain would tank his career. The film centers on the struggle of adapting a screenplay that’s based on the experience