Steven J. Athanas: Living, Wake

From Tom Sawyer to Empire Records to Tuesdays with Morrie, the idea of faking a funeral to gain a new perspective— and perhaps a bit of unedited critical feedback— is as tempting as it is old. Yet, the tried and true method is demonstratively effective, so it’s never really the public sphere of fascination. Although local artist Steven

Beyond Kitsch: Creating the Paint by Number Phenomena

Before Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting ever hit the scene, Paint-By-Number (PBN) was teaching amateur artists the thrill of oil painting. From kittens to Queen Elizabeth, driftwood to Jesus, the subject matter appealed to almost everyone— except the critics. Still, the concept had friends and foes alike asking the question, “What is art?”

A Motor City Muralist’s Journey

For almost three decades, Dr. Hubert Massey has graced the city of Detroit with large-scale works of art that tell the story of that community. On Wednesday, March 14, the accomplished artist will discuss his journey and what it takes to do what he does during the Lourdes University Art Department’s 2018 Sister Jane Mary

Throw down at the Toledo Potters’ Guild

Looking to throw down clay for sculpting? Get fired up and learn new skills this fall during the Toledo Potters’ Guild pottery and clay classes for adults and children, beginning the week of Monday, March 26. Both adult and children’s classes will last 10 weeks, with adults meeting on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings and

Korean design from Detroit

Born in the United States, raised in Korea, and now living in Detroit, designer and artist Nina Cho creates functional, minimal and breathtaking work that has earned her huge honors and a busy international exhibition schedule. Get inspired by the artist who made it onto Sight Unseen’s 2015 American Design Hot List during Nina Cho’s

Wearable collaborations at the American Frame Showroom

Known for his murals around town— such as the large Queen Nefertiti piece painted at Madison Ave. on the side of Uptown Green, Martin Luther King at the corner of Collingwood and Delaware, and others— Yusuf Lateef is an integral part of Toledo’s arts community. See his newest work, including paintings and wearable art created

Learn more about animals at River House Arts next group exhibit

What lies in the space between species? Why are humans and animals different? How can we understand animals? Navigate these questions and some answers during Thinking with Animals, a group exhibition featuring Michigan-based artists Morgan Barrie and Jessica Tenbusch, New York-based sculptor Julie Bahn, Oregon-based mixed media artist Breanne Sherwood and Perrysburg-painter Emily White. On