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2017 Ode to the Zip Code Poetry Contest Winners

What does your zip code mean to you? Last year, we joined the Toledo Fair Housing Center, the Arts Commission and the Toledo Lucas County Public Library and asked our community that very question— and we were overwhelmed by the responses. Short poems from our neighbors detailing how they felt about their neighborhood came pouring in— some

Carving Artists in Toledo

By Angela Conley and Jordan Killam  David Picciuto The Vlog Virtuoso: Make Something In a world enamored with video technology and social media, David Picciuto capitalizes through his YouTube channel, Make Something, where David shares woodworking video tutorials and vlogs (video blogs) with an affable mix of humor and accessibility. Unlikely Beginnings His journey into

Toledo Roadrunners Titanic anniversary 5k run

Feel like the king of the world on this truly unique run. The Toledo Roadrunners invite you to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic with a 5k run. The winners of the race will be awarded bags of ice. Titanic anniversary survivor ribbons will be awarded to the first 710 participants

Women owned business

What does it take for a businesswoman to stay on top? The women in charge of some great local businesses shared the secrets to their success.

Style sense with Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez

Anita Lopez Occupation: Lucas County Auditor When it comes to professional attire, many in the workforce play it safe with conventional clothing. Then there are those who forego standards and pick the pieces that fit them— not the norm. Anita Lopez, Lucas County Auditor, admits she doesn’t care about fitting in. She would rather make a statement by