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Beck “Morning Phase” (2014):

Sasha Frere-Jones of The New Yorker magazine makes no bones about Beck’s latest musical offering: “ . . . only the artist knows exactly how such an album is made, but only the audience can verify that it is perfect.” Perfect. Yeah, it’s pretty good, but there’s nothing really original about its sound(s). You can’t

"The Annotated Brothers Grimm"

A couple o’ things I bet ya didn’t know: In the “original” Cinderella, one of the evil stepsisters cuts off one of her toes to fit in the glass slipper, and another sliced off a piece of her heel. In the same story, our heroine has her stepsisters’ eyes Hitchcock-ingly gouged out by birds—kinda different

"Don Jon"

This is quite an undertaking—and even a bit of a surprise—for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who wrote, directed and stars in this film. As the title implies, it’s a 21st century take on the fabled lover, Don Juan. Jon (Gordon-Levitt's character) is a somewhat self-centered guido, whose major detraction (for girls anyway) is that he’s a major