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Sky Zone’s newest glow attraction

You wouldn’t recognize Skyzone when the lights are turned off. Glow, Skyzone’s new attraction, allows guests to experience skyzone in a way they haven’t before, replacing the regular lighting with black lights and a live DJ, so guests enjoy an after-hours party. LEDs and lasers will be added to help create an immersive party environment.

Beat Your Own High Score At Downtown 419’s Pop-Up Bar/Arcade

Do you remember a time when all of your favorite video games were in an arcade? Think back to those days. You walked in the front door, pockets filled with chances to beat someone’s high score. Colorful 8-bit characters scrolled across the gaming screens of your past, and simple electronic melodies got stuck in your

What goes bump in the night in Toledo?

Do you want to see what goes bump in the night? The Erie Shores Paranormal members will guide you through a tour of the Toledo Yacht Club’s most haunted areas. After the tour there will be a light dinner, and time for participants to freely roam the areas on their own. Dress accordingly for a