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Local vendors set up shop for the 2017 farmers market season

Urban growth in Northwest Ohio makes it hard for many to remember their homegrown roots. Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of grocery stores that have popped up in the Toledo area? Shop a local farmers market, which not only brings fresh products to Toledoans, but provides a small town taste to a city on the

Wheeler Farms Butterfly House Opens for the Summer Season

The Wheeler Farms Butterfly House opens its doors for spring Containing over 1,000 butterflies and 100 different species that originate from North America, South America and Asia, the facility teaches guests about the life cycle and environmental impact of these insects. Since the lifespan of a butterfly is only two to three weeks, a new

Sky Zone’s newest glow attraction

You wouldn’t recognize Skyzone when the lights are turned off. Glow, Skyzone’s new attraction, allows guests to experience skyzone in a way they haven’t before, replacing the regular lighting with black lights and a live DJ, so guests enjoy an after-hours party. LEDs and lasers will be added to help create an immersive party environment.