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Toledo Music Scene: 2017 Recap

It’s a bittersweet feeling when there are too many shows happening in one night to attend all of them. But ultimately it’s a good problem for a music scene to have. That’s been the case here in Toledo recently, and as the year comes to a close, it’s worth taking a look at some of

Rela Percussion Brings the Glass

From October 10 through the 20th, Rela Percussion will be in residency at the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion, showcasing a host of glass percussion instruments— marimbas, drums, gongs, hand drums, bowls, and chimes— which they’ll be working on during their time at the museum. The Formation The group formed back in 2011 when

The Oracle Hysterical: Chamber Pop Sextet at TMA

On September 23rd, New York based The Oracle Hysterical will perform a live version of their forthcoming album Hecuba in the Peristyle at the Toledo Museum of Art. Named after the Greek tragedy by Euripides, the album is a telling of the play set to song. “We describe ourselves as part book club and part