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Songs of Love and Hope: Stewart’s new album showcases versatility

When we last talked to Toledo musician Jeff Stewart, he was a “man on the move.” His 2014 release, Can’t Sit Still, was a reflection of the songwriter’s inability to stay put, creatively, temporally or physically.  Last month Stewart, a popular performer on the local music circuit,  released his third solo studio album, The Cold

Never Again: Remembering Kristellnacht

On November 9, 1938, a planned attack on Jewish Germans left countless dead. Roughly 30,000 men were sent to concentration camps, many of them to perish, while German authorities looked the other way. This night became known as Kristellnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, and was a horrible prelude to the atrocities of the Holocaust

Local recording studios enhance musicians’ sound

As the artist’s muse beckons, it takes a great sound engineer to make a band or songwriter sound their best. A quick internet search offers hundreds of send-away options for mixing and mastering original music, but the Toledo area has local studios that offer a genuine, human experience— often at a more affordable price. With

Breeding the law: A Quick and Dirty Breakdown of Senate Bill 331

Few recent pieces of Ohio legislation have caused as much outrage among animal rights activists as Senate Bill 331. Sponsored by Senator Bob Petersen (R., Sabina), SB 331 proposes regulations—arguably, deregulations—regarding the sale of dogs from breeders to pet stores. The bill, supported by Petland, an Ohio-based private corporation boycotted by activists for doing business