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Dance Theatre of Harlem to Perform at The Valentine Theatre

The world-renowned Dance Theatre of Harlem (DTH) will bring Toledo a unique combination of ballets, hand-selected for our city this month at Toledo’s Valentine Theatre. The TCP caught up with Virginia Johnson, the company’s Artistic Director, to discuss details of the show. Johnson was a founding member of the company and performed with them for

Covering Up and Dressing Well— Advocate Zahra Aljabri Visits Toledo to Speak to Like-Minded Fashioniastas

What does it mean to be unapologetically modest? “To me, it’s taking ownership of your modesty,” said Zahra Aljabri, an observant Muslim, who, along with her husband, James, co-founded It’s an online retailer specializing in modest fashions for women of all faiths, including women who don’t observe any religion at all. “It’s about saying