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Where To Find The Best Northwest Ohio Food Trucks This Summer

Toledo’s food truck options are diverse and well-traveled. You’ve probably seen them out and about— parked at art walks, farmer’s markets, festivals, fairs and other public gatherings— but do you know what’s inside? Read on to learn where Northwest Ohio’s favorite mobile restaurants stop and what they serve. Full Stop Since food trucks all have

The Tree City Film Festival showcases contest films

Sylvania’s Tree City Film Festival prides itself on being a showcase where anyone can make a film, but not everyone can make a film from scratch in 50 hours. For those that can, Tree City’s 50-Hour Film Challenge is the time to get busy. Fast. Going in blind The challenge starts with everyone meeting up

An Interactive Art Community

Two of the Arts Commission’s Inter/Active arts projects Toledo loves public art. We boast of sculptures, lines of poetry inscribed in sidewalks and color murals on city corners. While we have many hands to thank for these creative efforts, the community can thank The Arts Commission as the impetus for many of these contributions. Coming