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Post-mortem: Coming Soon to City Politics

Deadlines being what they are, we write this column before the November election. But there are no excuses in politics, nor in opinion columns, so we bravely make post-election predictions before the elections are tallied. Writing in past tense while predicting the future is only one of the pitfalls of such bold prognostication, but we’re

City Politics 2018

The wages of apathy The power of the non-voter They’re out there. They come cloaked as normal American citizens, going about their daily routines as if they give two shucky darns. They’ll even deny their true colors if asked. Unfortunately, there are more of them than there are of us. They stifle progress through subterfuge,

The Tale of Disappearing Candidates

Former GOP Chair Jon Stainbrook’s claim to fame was his ability to ensure that all political races in Lucas County were contested. Sure, some of his recruits running for office were complete unknowns, many were barely breathing, and most had no chance on this good, green Earth to win an election. Still, none of the Lucas County Ds could run unopposed.

Out of the Shadows—Board of Elections Thrust Into the Spotlight

Normally only under scrutiny when they lose a voting card on Election Day or find a box of ballots afterward. Like weeks later. Certifying candidates and issues to the ballot is usually a rubber stamp as long as they’ve submitted petitions with sufficient signatures. Until now. So who are these animals?

Big Questions: Midnight Ruminations on City Politics

These are the times that try T-Towners’ souls. Election Day is fast approaching, with robocalls and canvassers running rampant through our daily lives. As we enter the home stretch of this year’s campaign season, however, we’ve decided to take a step back and look at the big picture.

City Politics: Blue Wave, or Red Tide?

Pundits and wags say there’s a storm a’ brewin’. The fierce polarization of ideologies at the national level, coupled with anger and frustration aimed at the current administration in Washington, have the potential to drive a massive increase of participation at the polls. How will that potential manifest itself here in the Swamp?