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The rise and fall of a County Commish

Rewind to five years ago. Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken was arguably the most powerful person in Northwest Ohio. He was recognizable and well known. He was afforded a high level of respect. He ran in lofty circles with the titans of local business, industry, and politics. He wielded an impressive amount of clout. How

Toledo City Politics Guide 2017: Hildo Sez

See the rest of our Politics Guide, which includes questions and answers from mayoral candidates and the Toledo City Council candidates.  Toledo Muni Court Judges You must recognize two things to understand the current races for Judge of Toledo Municipal Court. First, no one pays attention to the races for judge. Heck, most people cannot

Punch drunk: Candidates square off, literally, in City Politics

If ever there was a “stop the presses!” moment it’s this one. We were about to put the proverbial pen to paper for the typical rundown on candidates in advance of the November 7 general election. We know readerz like yourself crave the ol’ Hildo one-two. Our predictions and prognostications are coveted throughout the land.

The far-ranging effects of the race for Toledo mayor

Is it her or him? A or B? None of the above? The race to be Mayor of Toledo is down to two, incumbent Paula HH and challenger Wade Kapszukiewicz. But it’s about much more than just who will sit on the 22nd Floor. It will determine leadership across the County and the future of

Lies and the lying liars who tell them

Surely he knows better. But his unbridled personal ambition gets the better of him. Integrity? Scrupulous adherence to the truth? Nah, it’s a race to the 22nd Floor, kiddeez, and apparently nothing is too sacred to distort in the quest for the prize. So Wade Kapszukiewicz, once known as a bright, competent pol, has slunk