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Meet the New Boss, Wade Kapszukiewicz

Not this year! The voters have demanded a change at the top of the City, sweeping out the administration of one Paula Hicks Hudson and ushering in the young, the fresh, the freakishly different Wade Kapszukiewicz. Dramatic change is in the air!

All we want for Christmas in City Politics

The holidays are here, and we’ve been naughty again. We broke most of this year’s New Year’s promises. We even called He Who Shall Not Be Named by his real name a time or two. Our human failings notwithstanding, can you see it in yer golden hearts to put us on your holiday gift list?

The rise and fall of a County Commish

Rewind to five years ago. Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken was arguably the most powerful person in Northwest Ohio. He was recognizable and well known. He was afforded a high level of respect. He ran in lofty circles with the titans of local business, industry, and politics. He wielded an impressive amount of clout. How