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Georgie Porgie ran away

In retrospect, it had to happen this way. The end would not come with any sound and fury. There would be no splash, no bang. Instead, it had to some with a meek and soft “farewell.” Thus endeth the story of Georgie Porgie the Finance Director and his eight point two million blunder. Just like

Plus c’est la même chose, Deux: Why Tom for Mayor is a bad idea

Two down, one to go. We’ve spent the last two columns taking down two of the Big Three candidates for Toledo Mayor. First we laid out the case why incumbent Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson does not deserve re-election. Then we methodically took apart challenger and LC Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz. If neither of them deserves to

Plus c’est la même chose

Call us naysayers. Call us curmudgeons. Call us doom and gloom sticks in the mud. Whatever. This is how we see it. Last column we made the case for why Toledo Mayor Hicks Hudson shouldn’t be mayor. Let her shower you with flowers and rainbows, we brought the never ending rain clouds. That doesn’t mean

The Case against the Mayor

It’s time for a change. Or so it seems. We’re talking about a change at the top of T-Town guvmint. Where the buck stops. The twenty-second floor of one guvmint center. We need a new mayor. That’s the premise for today’s installment of Hubris by Hildo. We realize Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson will eagerly lay

Keeping score in City Politics

It’s a topsy, turvy world out there. We never would have believed that, as we enter the official start of the local political season, we’d be writing about the Washington Local school board race. Toledo Public Schools? As a a former Miss Idaho might say, “You betcha!” But not sleepy little Washington Local. Yet there

Turmoil in the T-Town political parties

All is not joy in Mudville. Both the local Democrats and Republicans are in the throes of crisis in leadership. GOP Chair Jon Stainbrook and Dem Chair Joshua Hughes are each under fire from their respective parties, with powerful factions plotting their overthrow. Yet the challenges each face couldn’t be more different. One way in