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Metroparks of the Toledo Area plans regional trail loop

The Metroparks of the Toledo Area are working to allow us to reach them in a more exercise-conscious manner by building trails in the next 10 years, with bike-paths connecting many Toledo area parks. With 150 miles of trails already available in the Metropark system, trail-building projects and increasing the number of parks bolsters the community assett.

Local Fest Celebrates Bands, Bites and Brews in downtown Sylvania

As the name suggests, Sylvania’s “Local Fest — Bands, Bites and Brews” will be full of options from the 419 to satisfy the senses. The Friday, May 19 event, hosted in the J&G Pizza Palace parking lot by the Downtown Sylvania Association and sponsored by Dave White Chevrolet, features music, food and beer made in

Library’s Film Focus program centers on documentaries

Since 2004, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library’s Film Focus series has been opening viewers’ eyes and minds to movies not found at the local multiplex. “Film Focus started as a way of showcasing quality and interesting, non-mainstream film in a community setting at the library,” said Tracy Montri, audiovisual department manager. “It was very

Uniting Muslims and Christians

In the political climate of 2017, it can seem unlikely that Christians and Muslims would be able to come together for the common good of the global community. Rewind to the 13th century, in the middle of the Fifth Crusade, when Europeans were set to take control of the Holy Land by overpowering a Muslim