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Solving the ‘Toxic Puzzle’

Beginning five years ago, Toledo residents became intimately familiar with summer algae blooms that blanket Lake Erie. The 2014 algae crisis left millions without drinkable water for days while periodic news reports continue to examine the lake’s water.

The Game Masters: Behind the Scenes With Toledo’s Room Escape Creators

In a pop culture landscape where audiences become more and more isolated—with cell phones, home streaming, video games and more competing for, and often winning, each individual’s attention—it is interesting that a breakout entertainment concept of the past decade relies on working with other people, communicating in close proximity, to solve a problem together.

Shakespeare (Abridged): Billy S’s 37 plays, in two hours

This show simultaneously pays homage to and pokes fun at William Shakespeare, theater’s most sacred cow. In the space of a few hours, three actors take to the stage to summarize all 37 of the Bard’s legendary plays— including the sonnets— in a blizzard of wit and energetic performance.