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Graphic Realities at the Hudson

A group of fascinating pieces from artists working in an equally fascinating (if painstaking) form, are on display at the Hudson Gallery in Sylvania, as part of its "Graphic Realities" exhibit, taking place now through August 13. The exhibit brings together the work of five internationally known artists from around the country, each of whom

Ryan Dunlap Now Rolling with The Tires

Ryan Dunlap, has spent the past 13 years rocking local audiences with solo gigs, paving the road to becoming a locally respected solo musician. But in the past four months, his solo road has opened up a few lanes—  the guitarist now shares the stage with his new band, Dunlap and the Tires. "I love

Metroparks defend deer cull

A Toledo Metroparks’ representative continues to defend a controversial culling program, designed to control the deer population in the area, which was carried out last winter. The cull, which took place between January 6 and February 8, saw a total of 195 deer killed by sharpshooters at Wildwood and Oak Openings Preserve. It was the