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Toledo Filmmaker Albert Bryant Brings Debut Movie to Ohio Theatre

It’s always a struggle to achieve a dream. For 21-year-old Albert Bryant, who has strived to become an actor and filmmaker, the path has been a bit rockier than most. Attendees at the Ohio Theatre on October 15 and 16 will have the chance to see the Toledo native’s debut film, “Vampire Chick,” a horror

Oddmall Brings Art and Geeky Fun Together at Seagate

Hear ye, hear ye! Come one, come all to the most remarkable, astounding, stupendous exhibition of wares and artists this side of Akron. Yes, Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird— a grand convention and celebration of the unusual, geeky and quirky— will make its official Toledo debut with an event called “Hallowondrous” at the Seagate Centre

Touring Improv Comedy Group to Perform at Museum Peristyle

The term “improvised theater” may connote short comedy games, the sort you’d see on Whose Line is it Anyway? But members of the Improvised Shakespeare Company bring a spin on inventive performance: with a goal of creating a hilarious and fully realized play, off the top of their heads, in the style of the Bard

Area Events Commemorate 400 Years Since Shakespeare’s Death

Few writers have impacted world culture like William Shakespeare. His plays are widely considered the greatest pieces ever created for the theater, his writing has contributed countless phrases to the lexicon, and even now, centuries after his death, his work is continuously rediscovered, reimagined and celebrated by new generations of artists. This year, in commemoration

Second Annual Maumee Film Festival Showcases Local Artists

Budding filmmakers rarely have the chance to see their work screened in an actual movie theater in front of a live audience — particularly if they have made a short subject, a film of, at most, ten minutes in length. But area artists will soon have that chance at the second annual Maumee Film Festival,