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Folk Singer Charlie King to Perform at St. Paul’s Church

“I keep my setlists for every concert that I’ve ever done,” Charlie King said in an interview. “And I have a setlist in Toledo that goes back to, let’s see — 1981. So I’ve been playing in Toledo for, god, coming up on 40 years, aren’t we?” Toledo is just one destination in an expansive

The 2018 Toledo Food Truck Guide

Toledo area diners don’t always have to travel to delicious food options— often the options will come to them. Glass City fare is available from many area food trucks that make their way around Toledo and the surrounding areas. In February, Toledo City Council approved a zoning change that cleared the way for a new

New play, A Life, to debut at the Collingwood Arts Center

Nate, a gay man who lives in New York, is recovering from his latest breakup, the most recent in a long line of failed connections in his life. Trying to make sense of it all, he begins focusing on astrology— hoping to find an answer to his heartache among the stars. But, as playwright Adam Bock