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Big To Do: Family New Year

Want to party like it’s 1999 this New Year’s Eve, but you got a couple kids who can’t handle the late night? Hensville has you covered with their Family New Year’s Eve Party. Their secret? Hosting a party in the morning. While the kids have their faces painted, demand obscure balloon art to be crafted,

Big To Do: Escape the Metroparks

Do you think you could survive if a disaster struck? Put your MacGyver skills to the test as you have to problem-solve your way out of Trapped Metroparks: Escape the Manor House. Presenting simulated survival situations to teams of participants, players must put their heads together to find solutions that allow them to escape. 7pm.

The North Pole Express Spreads Christmas Cheer to Train lovers

All aboard, train fans, the North Pole Express is running under full steam. This Christmas engine, right out of a winter wonderland scene, is giving rides to young and old alike. If you’re really lucky, Santa Claus might be on the train. This train has plenty of seats to give riders a taste of the

Mike check at Neon Groundhog Brewery

As if you needed another reason to go to a winery. Clap along with the upbeat unique groove of Mikes With Mics, a trio of casual rock musicians, all actually named Mike. With Mike Walkovitch and Mike Coulter on guitars and Mike Szafarowicz on percussion, you can grab a beer from the on-site Neon Groundhog

Music for a new year with The Antivillians

Soothing music might help your New Year’s Eve hangover? Bringing beautiful melancholia to the Great Gallery, The Antivillains are back for their third New Year’s Day performance, supporting the upcoming release of their EP, Anthems. Joined by Michigan folk pop artist and founder of Earthwork Music and the Water Festival, Seth Bernard, the hometown group