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Office Politics: Checking out the headquarters of Toledo’s political parties

Walking into the local headquarters of a political campaign feels like being a spy— no matter which headquarters you visit or what your political affiliation is. You feel like you’re accessing something sort of secretive and weird: this is where “the enemy” sleeps. The offices— all similarly offering a vaguely messy, drab workspace-that-doubles-as-sort-of-living-quarters aesthetic— illuminate a little

Yogaja Yoga is Hosting a Free Yoga Fever Weekend

You’ve been putting off that “wellness” portion of healthy living for too long and it’s starting to catch up with you. Fortunately, Yogaja Yoga is hosting a free Yoga Fever weekend, offering class participation. Experience power yoga, mellow yoga and the Gaja Fly series, which involves stretching while being suspended in the air by yoga

Sharon Kay offers Psychic Development Classes

If you already know what you’re going to read here, you probably don’t need this, but local spiritualist Sharon Kay offers psychic development classes to hone your senses beyond their earthly limitations. Presenting weekly seminars– upcoming topics include dreams, mental telepathy and tuning into your past lives. Kay has over 20 years experience in psychic

Black Swamp Blues Society at the International Blues Challenge

Got the blues about not getting enough blues music in your life? Cheer up, the Black Swamp Blues Society is celebrating their 20th annual music duel. The best Black Swamp Blues Association-affiliated bands and solo/duo acts in the area can sign up to throw down and find out who the best musicians in the Lake

The Stranahan Theatre presents Musical Legend John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp brings his guitar to Toledo as part of his Plain Spoken tour, with special guest Carlene Carter. A pioneer of folksy rock, Mellencamp is known for his anthemic ballads detailing life in rural America, Jack & Diane, Hurts So Good and Small Town. 7:30pm Friday, October 21. $36.50-$119.50. Stranahan Theatre | 4645 Heatherdowns