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Toledo Symphony Orchestra Presents Sports Themes

A performance by the Toledo Symphony Orchestra breaks stride to serenade Toledoans with the sound of sports. Score! The Sound of Sports takes anthems from your favorite athletic events to the orchestral stage. Hear favorites like “Rock’n Roll Part 2,” “We Will Rock You” and the Monday Night Football theme performed with the backing of

Charlie Chaplin Headed To The Toledo Museum of Art

Charlie Chaplin’s iconic Little Tramp character was cemented in film lore with his appearance in The Gold Rush, a comedic tale of an ill-equipped prospector searching for gold and love in the Klondike. See the film courtesy of the Toledo Museum of Art’s Sound of Silents series. Chaplin, who played a bumbling and beleaguered hobo,

Peter Pan Soars At The Valentine Theatre in Hook

Fall in love with the best of cinema as The Valentine Theatre presents their Silver Screen Classic Film Series. This week’s presentation is Hook, Steven Spielberg’s take on the J.M. Barrie novel Peter Pan. Starring Robin Williams as the titular hero who is all grown up, Peter Pan must revisit Neverland and his forgotten joy

Gandhi’s Gift: New Documentary Explores Indian Leader

A message of peace seems necessary these days and who better than Gandhi embodies that ideal? Catch a pre-release screening of the new documentary, Gandhi’s Gift, about the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi. Famous for using hunger fasts as a means of nonviolent resistance, the spiritualist became a powerful leader and beloved figure in

Citizen Kane Pairs With Toledo Symphony Orchestra

There is simply no better film for introducing wannabe storytellers to the medium of cinema than Citizen Kane. A thinly-veiled skewering of William Randolph Hearst and his outsized ego, this film tells the full life story of Charles Foster Kane, a boy thrust into wealth. Building a newspaper empire and crushing his enemies (and friends!)

GoLab Brings Stripped-Down Rock To Toledo

Fans of stripped-down, beat-heavy rock have reason to celebrate as GoLab is slated to perform this week. A synthesizer and drums duo, GoLab is comprised of Joel Roberts and John Hubbell, who are picking up the vibe left off by New Age rockers like Joy Division and Pet Shop Boys. Psyche yourself up for the