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Plan the next dinner party at a Black Carnation event

Want to attend a party that is based on food? You’d do well to try Black Carnation events. A series of dinners for locavores, the menus comprise seven-course meals constituted from foods available around the Great Lakes region. And with these hyper-seasonal revolving menus. no two dinners will be the same. They can accommodate up

Fleetwood’s Movie Nights starts with Back to the Future

Watch Back to the Future the way it was meant to be seen: from the comfort of a lawn chair in a public park! During Fleetwood’s Movie Nights, the outdoor concert stage in Hensville Park transforms into a giant movie screen that shows family friendly flicks all summer long. On Saturday, June 3, the time

Smokin’ Good Blues: Third Street Cigar Isn’t Just a Cigar Shop

Saying that Third Street Cigar is just a cigar shop, is akin to claiming that the Declaration of Independence is just a history paper. There’s just so much more going on at this Waterville smoking hub than burning leaves and b-s-ing about politics. Not that those pursuits aren’t noble, but owners John Henry, Dave Webb

Ann Arbor’s annual African-American Downtown Festival is back

Step into a world of vibrant culture and upbeat music with the annual African-American Downtown Festival in Ann Arbor. A full-day event featuring live music, vendors, street performers and more, this cultural heritage festival is fun for the whole family. Taking place in what was the heart of the African-American business district during the mid-20th

The 1st Annual Burlesque and Rockabilly Show at The Shrunken Head

Do you have a pompadour that just won’t quit? How about booby tassels, high heels and high-waisted hot pants? Cool cats and chicks are heading to Columbus in droves for the 1st Annual Burlesque and Rockabilly Show. Hosted by Mon Cherie Entertainment, this scintillating party features pin-up girls, greasers and four days of live music.

Mud Hens and Jeff: Brother Edition

  So we’ll keep this edition of Mud Hens and Jeff short and sweet. My brother, Chris, was in town, so he went to the Tuesday night game with me. He’s been to a Hens game or two before, but for some reason, the nostalgia kicked in on this visit and he couldn’t get past