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Sweet dreams and honky tonks performance at Collingwood Arts Center

Remember when country music wasn’t pop music with a banjo? Harken back to the classic days of real country with Sweet Dreams and Honky Tonks (SD&HT). Featuring the music and lives of Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash, SD&HT is a new revue show that pairs the music of yesteryear with the

Sea Turtle Hospital fundraiser at Howards Club H

Sea turtles rock, so it’s no surprise that TroubleGiant is rocking for the sea turtles. Holding a fundraiser concert at Howard’s Club H in Bowling Green, the local band has pledged that all proceeds will be donated to the building of the first-ever sea turtle hospital in Costa Rica. Dedicated to aiding turtles injured by

Putney Swope at The Michigan Theater

Long before Robert Downey Jr. was Iron Man, his father, Robert Downey Sr., was making edgy, counterculture, pop cinema. His masterwork is Putney Swope (1969), the story of a “token” African-American executive on the board of a prestigious advertising firm. When the chairman dies, Swope, the aforementioned black guy, is accidentally elected to replace him.

Ann Arbor Festifools Parade

Do you have some bizarre, silly, or inventive streak in you? Let it out during Ann Arbor’s Festifools Parade. A walking parade involving thousands of colorful individuals carrying paper mache puppets and dressed in crazy costumes, the Festifools Parade is an opportunity for you to let your freak flag fly… for one hour. Shake off

POUND fitness class at Monroe Street Neighborhood Center

Want to get in shape to the beat of your own drum? Do it at POUND. Using ripstix, an exercise-intended drum stick, you’ll bang out beats on the ground and burn calories while you do it. Offered through the Monroe Street Neighborhood Center, this unique exercise encompasses parts of pilates, yoga and cardio. All skill

Moonlight Canoeing with BGSU’s Outdoor Program

A little scary and a little serene, the mysteries of the Maumee River are revealed when the BGSU Outdoor Program embarks on their Moonlight Canoeing trek. A 25-mile trip down the winding Maumee River, this canoe excursion starts after dark and goes to the wee hours. Vans will take you upstream and pick you up