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Author of the hit Jack Reacher Series heads to the Museum

Have you ever wanted to know how your favorite authors come up with their ideas? Well, if Lee Child, author of the hit Jack Reacher series, is your favorite, you’re in luck. Meet the England native— who has more than 22 million copies of his thrillers in print— during a book signing, interview and audience

Cork’s Wine and Liquor Opens New Wine and Beer Tasting Bar

Rossford’s Cork’s Wine and Liquor recently opened their new wine and beer tasting bar. On Wednesdays, from 6-8pm, raise your glasses for their weekly ($10) wine tasting events. Feeling decadent? Try their deluxe ($25) wine tasting offerings. And on Fridays, enjoy the craft brew tastings (price depends on what’s being offered). Need some food to

Warm Soup and Healthy Tonics at Bleak House

As Ohio’s weather hits an identity crisis, it’s tempting to guzzle hot chocolate, slam sweets and gorge on fried foods. But you can keep things healthy, delicious and flavorful with Bleak House Coffee’s new tonics menu and small batch soups. Wellness tonics are invigorating, creative beverages full of nutritious ingredients, including dandelion root, activated charcoal,