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Moses Fleetwood Day

The recent passing of Ohio House Bill 59 honors professional baseball’s first black player, Moses Fleetwood Walker, whose tenure with the Toledo Blue Stockings predated Jackie Robinson by 58 years.

The most dangerous city in Ohio

Do you feel unsafe walking around Toledo? According to number-crunching site Graphiq, you should. Posting the statistics to their real estate intelligence site Find the Home, Graphiq claims Toledo is the most dangerous city in Ohio. Collecting statistics from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (2015), the list claims Toledo has 1,128.9 violent crimes reported per

International Dinner Fundraiser at The Fredrick Douglass Center

Feast with purpose at the International Dinner and Bazaar Fundraiser. Water For Ishmael, a local religious charitable organization partners with local churches to extend compassion to all immigrants. An annual fundraiser dinner earmarks funds to provide English language education to refugee children, which this year, will be held at The Frederick Douglass Community Center with

Water Watch: Saving the Great Lakes with less

A public meeting on the Great Lakes where citizens can express their views on protecting the Lakes will be Thursday, March 23 at 6pm at the Lake Erie Center, 6200 Bay Shore Rd. in Oregon. Register with President Trump has proposed slashing funding to the EPA’s Great Lakes programs in his fiscal budgeting, which