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World’s Fastest Monster Truck Is In Toledo Tonight!

When you talk about legendary monster trucks, you’re looking for two things: a cool theme and “big air crushability.” You want to see these trucks fly through the air to crush old cars into nothingness. And you want them to look awesome while doing it. The monster truck Raminator has all that in spades, but

Toledo Literati Present Glass City Reflections, an Original Book

Seteth not your weekend plans in stone, gentle peasants! For thine eyes and ears are needed elsewhere. Over the past several weeks, nine local authors have collaborated to write, compile, edit and publish a book through the Write. Now! and Print. Now! workshops. That book is now ready for mass consumption. You Will Write Better

Look Up: Glass City Balloon Race Returns To Toledo, Bigger and Better

“I don’t think they’re going up,” a crew member standing near me speculates to his fellow hot air balloon teammates. “That balloon took off like a shot and it was pretty erratic. They don’t like that.” By “they”, he means the group of about 10 pilots standing off to the side of the launching area, discussing

The Wood County Fair kicks off this month

Bowling Green is going to be a glowing, glittering festival of screams and laughter when the Wood County Fair arrives on Monday, July 31. Three Dog Night (“Jeremiah was a Bullfrog,” “Mama Told Me”) will headline ($25+) on Saturday, August 5, and throughout the week there will be plenty of games, pigs, rides and cotton

The Dragon Boat Summer Learning Festival at International Park

Raising money through community involvement seldom seems so festive. Imagine paddling with 20 of your closest friends or coworkers down the Maumee River, dipping your oars in time with a drumbeat. The Dragon Boat Summer Learning Festival will have numerous teams competing for fun and fundraising. Raising money for Partners in Education, the team that

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox founder talks Toledo

If you don’t know the name, you definitely know the hits he recycles. Scott Bradlee, formerly a down-and-out jazz pianist struggling to pay the bills, clearly found his own Midas Touch. Taking modern pop songs, he infuses them with the melodic flavors of bygone eras to give them new life. Covering songs in the style