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Winter Wedding Guide 2020

Photos by Swatch Studios Justin & Lucas Camuso-Stall How did you meet? We both attended BGSU, but we actually met on Twitter! Lucas created a Twitter account and after following a few people, I showed up on his “people you may know” list. He followed me and I messaged him. We agreed to meet for

The Leaf and Seed Cafe

Changing the world, one vegan meal at a time Leaf and Seed Cafe owner Susan Herhold’s decision to stop eating meat followed years of choosing cage-free, open-range animal product options. While she and her husband, Shannon, were on a road trip, they passed a truck filled with chickens in tiny cages, and she realized it

Getting to know Yayoi

The Toledo Museum of Art Book Club presents Infinity Net: The Autobiography of Yayoi Kusama with a discussion that coincides with the artists exhibition, Fireflies on the Water, an installation that incorporates lights, water and mirrors in an ethereal display. Kusama, an avant garde artist and activist who first came to the U.S. in 1958,

A Reading with Lindsey Moore

Northern Michigan author Lindsey Moore reads from her educational and poetic children’s book, Sea Bear. Centered around a polar bear’s journey across the Arctic sea ice in a reality check about climate change and a moving story of perseverance. 2-3:30pm | Saturday, December 21 Gathering Volumes, 196 E. South Boundary, Perrysburg 567-336-6188 | |